K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 1

If you want a light drama and just be happy-happy while watching oppa, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is right for you! Let me start by introducing the characters. Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young), our cutie heroine with super strength; Gook-doo (Ji Soo), the hot best friend who is a cop; and CEO Ahn (Park Hyung-sik), the even hotter boss. Bong-soon was born with super strength, which she inherited from the female lineage of her family. She has this big crush on her childhood best friend, Gook-doo, who is really good looking but has a girlfriend.

The story started with the flashback of a young CEO Ahn riding a bus, a tragic road mishap almost occurred but a hooded high school student (yep, it’s Bong-soon haha) prevented it by using her strength. The first episode showed that CEO Ahn is being pestered by a blackmailer.

Bong-soon and CEO Ahn crossed paths during the former’s encounter with a group of thugs managing a construction site. To cut the story short, CEO Ahn decided to hire our spunky heroine after witnessing how she sent the thugs in the air with a flick of her finger.

Personally, I have been anticipating this drama because I’ve been impressed with the previous projects of the three leads. The first episode did not fail me and I’m expecting funnier scenes in the upcoming episodes not just from the main cast but from the supporting characters as well. I’m sure the thugs, Bong-soon’s family and the local ahjummas will give life to the story and will deliver unforgettable moments.

Oh, and did I mention that this has a mystery thriller twist? Yep! Bong-soon’s neighborhood was disturbed after a female body was found in the street. I think this will add excitement to the drama.

Let me know what you think on the first episode. Annyeong!

Credits: Soompi, korea.iyaa, IBtimes.sg


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