K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 2

ep2 1

Our Strong Woman started her job as CEO Ahn’s personal bodyguard. Her first day of employment was spent on escorting her boss to a shopping spree. Bong-soon received an ice cream as a prize, hahaha, CEO Ahn is really cute with this kind of silliness. The duo also started their search for the blackmailer and succeeded in capturing the image of the suspect’s motorcycle using a drone.

Kyung-shim, Bong-soon’s best friend is introduced in this episode. The two seemed really close since Kyung-shim is aware of our spunky heroine’s super strength and how much she likes Gook-doo. Speaking of the Hot Cop, his team was assigned to last night’s murder.

Bong-soon’s neighborhood was once again disturbed when the suspect attacked another woman but failed to kill her because a witness arrived. Gook-doo was assigned to guard the victim at the hospital, but lo and behold, psycho oppa outsmarted him by pretending to be a doctor while he went to the bathroom and left Bong Soon to lookout for the unconscious patient.

ep2 psycho

Being a big fan of mystery and police procedural series, this drama is certainly getting my attention. Psycho oppa is adding that dark and exciting twist to the story, making it more interesting.

Episode 2 ended with CEO Ahn and Gook-doo bickering whether Bong-soon should spend the night at her boss’ house after her encounter with the goons and the kidnapper. Hmmh, but there’s something in Gook-doo’s voice that made him sound like a jealous boyfriend, haha! Tune in to know if Bong-soon will soon escape the friendzone. Annyeong!

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