K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 3

My first two FB reax were really goofy and this is the first episode that I took it more seriously haha. Thanks to our teamjangnim for showing us the right path.

The third episode focused mainly on our two leads getting to know each other on a deeper sense, with CEO Ahn sharing his sad childhood and Bong-soon narrating how her unrequited crush for Gook-doo started. The Strong Woman spent the night at her boss’ house after CEO Ahn won the standoff against the Hot Cop.

Inside CEO Ahn’s closet, Bong-soon saw the hooded student’s painting that led to a secret basement/entertainment room. Our two charming leads duked it out in an arcade battle and Bong-soon won the bragging rights.


How I wish I could have CEO Ahn’s night sky-inspired ceiling, haha but considering that my bank account’s balance is smaller than Bong-soon when standing next to Gok-doo, I probably won’t have a chance. Going back, the Lonely Prince’s story about his mother was both sad and beautiful. Sad that he lost his mother at a young age and was bullied by his stepbrothers; and beautiful that he lovingly remembers his mom’s story on how departed loved ones become stars.

The Strong Woman and the  Lonely Prince also continued their search for the person terrorizing CEO Ahn but got the wrong one.

images (5)

Later on, Bong-soon accidentally fractured CEO Ahn’s toe that led them to the hospital where she met Gook-doo’s girlfriend, Hee-ji. I really felt bad for Bong-soon during this scene, you can see that she’s trying hard to hide the pain while looking at the couple.


The hospital scene got a bit intriguing when Bong-gi and Hee-ji looked at each other and seemed to have that spark and connection. Hmmh, I wonder if this will lead to something.

On the other hand, Bong-soon got emotional when she tells Gook-doo to stop acting so nice to him when he already has a girlfriend. I somehow understand Bong-soon on this part, haha. I think guys should know their boundaries on how they treat their female friends when they’re already in a relationship. Sometimes, too much care and sweetness can silently torture a person.


I think the storyline is now developing more after CEO Ahn brought Bong-soon to his family dinner. It showed that the Lonely Prince has been suspecting one of his family members to be behind the blackmailing scheme.

Also, new characters were introduced in the third episode. First, the gang’s leader, Boss Tak and his henchman, Jaws; second, Bong-soon’s high school minions; and third CEO Ahn’s father, stepmother and three stepbrothers.

The episode ended with psycho oppa getting me excited after abducting another victim.

Don’t forget to tune in on the next episode. Annyeong!

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