K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 5

Is it me or does Hyung-sik really look more dreamy as the episodes go by? Stop making me fall for you oppa hihihi.


With CEO Ahn asking a reporter to take down Bong-soon’s “strong drunk girl” video from the net, and his ever whimsical look while gazing at her, I think episode 5 established that our Lonely Prince is falling for the spunky heroine. But wait! The Hot Cop is definitely upping his game as well, even telling Bong-soon not to go around looking too pretty.


Episode 5 started with Bong-soon telling her boss how she ran into Psycho Oppa on her way to work. Being the lovable man that he is, CEO Ahn informs Gook-doo about this even though he is annoyed with him. At this point in the story, it’s hard for me not to compare our two main leads on how they show concern for the Strong Woman. The Lonely Prince displays maturity and protects Bong Soon secretly, while the Hot Cop’s manner comes off rather harsh.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Ji Soo and a sucker of second leads, but I just can’t root for Gook-doo the way I loved his previous characters like Seo Ha-joon in Cheer Up and the 14th Prince in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. All right, Gook-doo is hot and all but his machismo sometimes borders rudeness.


This episode sent chills down my spine when Psycho Oppa beat the hell out of Kyung-shim as he tried to abduct her. Good thing Bong-soon arrived in the nick of time and was able to rescue her friend. Moral lesson? When a psychopath is lurking your neighborhood, don’t go outside just to buy food! (Maybe it’s the time to go on a diet? haha)


The police’s probe into the abduction continues with Gook-doo finding Psycho Oppa’s scrap yard. What made this scene really interesting is the mysterious  worker. He denied seeing the victim’s car but something about him is really off. Honestly, I’m not sure if he is innocent or another nut-job like his boss. Maybe future episodes will quench my curiosity.

As expected, the Dobong-dong ahjummas will always find a way to steal the scene. One of them got really worked up when the local moms decided to prioritize “thin” women during their street patrols.

Also, Boss Tak offered for his men to watch over the neighborhood. I don’t know what’s scarier, having a sociopath lurk your streets or having these thugs  lookout for your safety.

Furthermore, my hunch from the previous episode had been right! Aha! Hee-ji called her dibs on Bong-gi and is on full flirt mode. She’s starting to annoy me and makes me want to pull her hair. On the other hand, I’m a bit disappointed with Bong-gi for reciprocating Hee Ji’s advances even though he knows that she already has a boyfriend, a boyfriend who is not just a random stranger but his longtime friend!


After her latest encounter with Psycho Oppa, Gook-doo decided that Bong-soon should stay at CEO Ahn’s house for her safety. The episode ended with the Hot Cop declaring that he will also spend the night at the Lonely Prince’s house. Now, I’m starting to believe the CEO that Bong Soon’s love is not one-sided.


Catch the next episode to know if something daebak will happen at Bong-soon, CEO Ahn and Gook-doo’s sleepover. Annyeong!

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