K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 6

I officially renounce my support to the Min-Bong pairing and jump to the Min-Gook OTP, hahaha. Let the bromance ship sail!


PDnim has been amazingly kind and gifted us, bromance shippers, fan service on episode 6. The Lonely Prince and the Hot Cop battled it out in  a series of games during their “sleepover.” With beer bomb as their finale event, the two oppas ended up drunk and blessed us with “skinship.”


Let me just share how daebak CEO Ahn’s face was when Bong-soon pretended that she cannot open the jar in front of Gook-doo the morning after. Isn’t he adorable or what.


I don’t know if the sunset is to be blamed but the episode became really romantic when the Lonely Prince assured Bong-soon that nothing is wrong with her being born super strong. This is what makes me love CEO Ahn more, his subtle sweetness and care for the “peanut-sized King Kong.” He also asked Bong-soon to train with him so that she’ll learn to control her strength.


In the last episode, Hee-ji really infuriated me for making advances to Bong-gi even though she’s in a relationship, but this time, I want to sort of commend her for being honest and not giving some lame excuse, ehem ehem! It takes a lot of guts to tell your partner that your heart is wavering to another person.


On the other hand, I think Gook-doo is slowly starting to show his feelings for Bong-soon. He told her that he is not that hurt with Hee-ji’s confession. And the way he asked her why they are friends felt like he’s trying to tell her that they should be more than buddies.

With the gay rumor hounding CEO Ahn and even affecting Osung Group’s stocks, appa told him that he should get married to solve the issue. Good thing our handsome lead already has a plan in the name of Do Bong-soon. He brought her to their family dinner and told everyone that she is his girlfriend. He even mentioned them living together and are planning to tie the knot. The look on Bong-soon’s face is just priceless, hahaha.


Psycho Oppa never disappoints me every episode as he now revealed his face. I guess Bong-soon’s mom is wrong when she told the cops that the suspect is using a mask to hide his ugly face. On the contrary Psycho Oppa is good-looking, here he is in real life. You’re welcome, hehe.


Episode 6 ended with Bong-soon’s equally strong grandmother beating up Boss Tak’s thugs, who instead of protecting the women are harassing them.


The next episode will definitely be an awesome one with CEO Ahn waking up to a person pointing a knife to his throat. Annyeong!

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