K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 2

Oh no! I didn’t expect the show to reveal the terminally-ill character this soon, but I think every one of us hoped that it was not one of the three misfits, and it was all just a misunderstanding. Ho-won overhears Kang-ho’s phone call with Ki-taek about their respective medical results, which confirms Ho-won as our terminally-ill patient. I wonder how our heroine will react to this revelation, especially now that the three of them finally landed a job at Hauline.

Also, Ki-taek is turning out to be my favorite character as of the moment because he makes me believe that there are still good men out there. I love how he is still respectful of his ex-girlfriend Ha Ji-na (Han Sun-hwa) despite all the hurtful things that she told him. I know it is hard but I hope our dear Ki-taek will soon realize that he does not deserve a girl like Ji-na, and that he will soon find the courage to move forward and get over her.


I am still not sold on the fact that our trio gets hired through our ER doctor Seo Hyun’s (who turns out to be Hauline CEO’s son!) favor to Manager Park Sang-man (Kwon Hae-yo). Hyun (Kim Dong-wook) is still a mysterious character so I hope we will get to see him more often in the next episodes.

We also get to meet our other office characters in this episode. I am pretty impressed with how the office set-up at Hauline is written with all this roster of managers, and I can’t wait to witness how the office dynamics will play out!

-Grumpy Ahjumma


[📷: dramabeans.com]

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