K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 7

Emotional strings were indeed pulled in this episode. Though the drama is still sticking to its rom-com genre, episode 7 demonstrated the story’s depth by unweaving the characters’ layers. It showed a more serious tone by focusing mainly on filial issues and displaying CEO Ahn and Bong Soon’s emotional vulnerabilities.


The episode started with Bong-soon effortlessly capturing the “best” thugs sent by Boss Tak to terrorize CEO Ahn, and the latter presenting this fiasco to Osung Group’s board meeting. This ends the search for the Lonely Prince’s blackmailer.


I commend Hyung-sik for delicately showing how painful it is to be betrayed by the person you trust the most, ehem! He didn’t bawl his eyes out after finding out that his second brother, the one he suspected the least, is behind all the petty threats. Rather, he chose a simple yet touching way to convey how much he is hurting. The look on CEO Ahn’s eyes while he’s silently crying is just piercing that it makes me want to hug him.


A poignant flashback showed how the second brother was the Lonely Prince’s lone light during his dark and sad childhood. This made the betrayal more agonizing. But more than the second brother apologizing and CEO Ahn forgiving him, what made this scene beautiful was the part when their father was shown observing from a distance. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about his presence that will prick your heart.


After the lovely scene with Bong-soon, her mother and her grandmother, the Strong Woman showed how weak she is emotionally. Bong-soon had a breakdown after omma once again compared her to Bong-gi and told her that she is a no-good troublemaker. In previous episodes, Bong-soon already demonstrated that she gets upset whenever omma picks on her and compares her to her perfect twin, but this is one is different. She had a total emotional outburst, Bong-soon continuously shouted how much she is hurt by her mom’s actions and cried her heart out. Omma never answered back but her face showed how guilty she is.


Bong-soon also proved that she is a caring sister and friend after reminding Bong-gi that he should stop seeing Gook-doo’s girlfriend. Her words will really hit you, telling the two that they shouldn’t sacrifice other people’s feelings for their own happiness.


But do not despair my lovely Min-Bong shippers! Despite the serious tone of episode 7, PDnim did not fail to give us heart-skipping and squeal worthy scenes. The scenes at the theme park were both cute and funny, it validated how much Bong-soon cares for CEO Ahn by doing her best to cheer him up.


What made my heart really go pit-a-pat was during CEO Ahn and Bong-soon’s training. The Strong Woman had a hard time controlling her strength during their exercises, but she totally nailed it by giving us heart-thumping scenes. That moment when CEO Ahn was giving Bong Soon a sort of a back hug and when he pinned her on the mat made me smile like a pabo!

Oh, and let’s not forget psycho oppa trying to abduct Kyung-shim at the hospital. Thanks to Bong-soon for being smarter than the cops and saving her friend once again.

The episode ended with a cliff hanger when Gook-doo found out Bong-soon’s super strength. See you later for the next update. Annyeong!


PS: Ji-dwi and Pa-oh had a reunion! And let me tell you it was quite emotional, haha! The soft look on appa’s face while telling CEO Ahn that Bong-soon is the most precious thing in the world for him is really heart-warming.

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