K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 8

I’m sure Min-Bong shippers had a good night’s sleep after watching this episode. The love line really took great leaps, not just for CEO Ahn but for Gook Doo as well.


The episode started from last night’s cliffhanger of Gook-doo finding out Bong-soon’s strength while “rescuing” her from one of the thugs. Though I still believe he needs to address his anger management issues, it’s sweet of him not to confront Bong Soon of her unusual strength. I appreciated how he continued to worry about the Strong Woman even after witnessing her power.

After Bong-soon’s emotional meltdown last time, it was both funny and sweet how omma tried to appease her daughter. She started calling her sweetie and even brought her favorite food. I think moms are like that. They can be really mean and harsh at times, but at the end of the day, they only want the best for us and will always be our go-to person. Saranghae omma!


CEO scored another point in my heart by gifting Bong-soon with a laptop to prepare for her dream job transition. This gesture, though really small, displays the Lonely Prince’s genuine care for our lovely heroine. Isn’t it nice to have a man like that? A man who honestly believes in you and supports your aspirations. In addition, CEO Ahn also had a good time while having breakfast with Bong-soon’s family.


Like what I’ve said earlier, Goo-doo also took a great step by telling Hee-ji that he always has someone else in his heart and that she should not feel guilty for leaving him. This is the first time that the Hot Cop admitted his feelings for Bong-soon.


But of course, the Lonely Prince will not make it easy for him. CEO Ahn brought Bong-soon to his mother’s grave and sort of introduced her. I almost screamed when he told Bong-soon that keeping her as a friend is hard, especially for a man. He continued that to become lovers from friends is easy with one person taking a step closer. My heart literally dropped when CEO Ahn steps closer to Bong-soon.


This sealed the deal for me. Not to mention that Bong-soon realized that there is no “one step” between  him and Gook-doo, but that day CEO Ahn made it.

Some of us might think that CEO Ahn’s father is nothing but a cold-hearted thug who became rich and does not care for his sons. But this episode proved that notion wrong. After Bong-soon, pretending as her boss’ fiancé, made appa laugh by telling him that CEO Ahn’s craziness is what made her fall for him, the two had a heart to heart talk. He blamed himself for his youngest son’s flaws and even asked Bong-soon to take good care of CEO Ahn. A heart-warming scene indeed.


Another touching scene was when Bong-soon read grandma’s letter. She reminded her not to be ashamed of her strength. She even included a pink hoodie gift, just like the one Bong-soon was wearing in Episode 1 when CEO Ahn first saw her.


As always, Psycho Oppa kept me on the edge of my seat. He turned out to be the “witness” who prevented the abduction from Episode 2. He was seen watching the cops from his lair after bugging the police station when he offered to testify. Psycho Oppa 10, cops 0.


The episode ended with Bong-soon going to an abandoned warehouse after Boss Tak used voice phishing, a hilarious one full of cameos, to make it appear that they abducted her mother. Catch Episode 9 to witness Bong-soon’s much awaited iron fist showdown with the entire wolf pack of thugs. Annyeong!

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2 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Episode 8

  1. Great review. The Min-Bong relationship changed in an instant with that one step. I love the way Min Hyuk “waits” for Bong Soon to accept him.
    I think the pink hoodie is the same one that was worn in episode 1 – different shades with Aloha one the left side. It connects Bong Soon to the first time she helped people with her strength.

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