K-Drama Reaction: The Liar and His Lover | Episode 1

Truth is I haven’t watched any of Lee Hyun-woo’s past dramas, just as I don’t follow Red Velvet so when a co-admin here on Ahjummamshies tasked me to cover The Liar and His Lover for our K-Drama Reactions segment, I didn’t feel so excited about it (Hi there, Busy Ahjusshi).

But that automatically changed when I saw Lee Hyun-woo’s strong resemblance with Park Bo-gum. (Yes, I’m the type of girl who gets influenced by looks to change her mind. Lol)

And it turns out I made the right decision to watch this drama because it’s fresh, light, and cute but still has depth.

Episode 1 introduced its major characters and their background stories very well. Even though there’s a lot that happened, I wasn’t overwhelmed. In fact, I found myself immediately hooked with the drama.

Reax 1.1.png

We got to know Yoon So-rim (Joy of Red Velvet), our sweet and cute heroine who loves to sing but has stage fright due to a traumatic childhood memory. Her parents died in an accident while she was performing for a school event, that’s why she thinks something bad will happen every time she will sing in front of a crowd.

Reax 1.2.png

We also learned about Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo), a genius music producer who is often seen as strict, aloof, and someone who only thinks about music and not much of other people’s feelings. He mainly produces songs for Crude Play, the band he is supposed to debut with as a bass guitarist. But things happened, he debuted as a music producer instead and is replaced by Seo Chan-young (Lee Seo-won) in the band. His identity as a music producer is hidden under the stage name “K.”

Our love birds met in an unconventional way: Han-gyeol borrowed So-rim’s phone to record a melody that suddenly came across his mind and while listening to him, So-rim fell in love. I know that’s crazy but what can we do? Even I can’t blame the girl because she has all the reasons to fall that easy. Han-gyeol is a beauty plus his voice can melt even the hardest stone in the planet!

Reax 1.3.pngReax 1.4.png

A lot of other interesting characters are also introduced in this pilot episode, and unfolding the roles they’ll play in So-rim and Han-gyeol’s love affair gets me very excited.

What do you think of The Liar and His Lover’s pilot episode? Did it satisfy you just the same?

One thought on “K-Drama Reaction: The Liar and His Lover | Episode 1

  1. Hi there @shadowoftheoperaghost! I read your comment but I accidentally marked it as spam. Huhu, sorry I’m kinda new to this thing.

    I so agree with you! Bogummy and Hyun-woo are like clones or long-lost twins. I’m also loving the songs in this drama specifically “Flying Butterfly” and “I’m OK.” Plus, Joy and Hyun-woo’s chemistry is so strong, I’m already shipping them in real life. Hehe.

    I hope you continue following our K-Drama Reactions here. I have posts coming up for the next episodes of The Liar and His Lover.

    PS. I’m still trying to figure out how can I get back your comment. Huhu


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