K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 3

Finally, Ho-won learns how to stand up for herself, even when the going gets tough! I love how this episode delivers a perfect situation for Ho-won to reach her breaking point. Just as when she does what she thinks is honorable, everything just backfires at her with one of her friends betraying her.

I am really disappointed with Kang-ho in this episode because he chose to turn a blind eye on the ongoing corruption at Hauline, when Ho-won displayed courage to expose it. We don’t know how Kang-ho’s cowardice will affect their friendship after this confrontation, but I am excited to know how this will shake up the office dynamics.

Our heroine also meets our ER doctor Hyun once again in this episode. He is now a director of a hospital undergoing renovation. Really, girl? You don’t remember that handsome face?  I am still not into this ship of our second lead so who cares about them.


I look forward to the next episode because Ho-won finally learns how to fight for her rightful spot in the company. It is unjust for her to be fired for speaking up the truth, but that is the reality of an office set-up. This conflict is so realistic that it mirrors all that is happening in society. I just hope our Manager Seo will also see the best in Ho-won in this situation.

RadiantOffice03-00549 (1)

What do you think of this episode? Share your favorite scenes in this episode in the comments section!

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    1. I agree! I’m currently catching up on the most recent episodes of the drama but Ki-taek oppa is really shaping up to be my fave character too. He is respectful of every one around him. And I like the fact that he stood up for Ho-won when Kang-ho was too afraid to speak up. I wish all the oppas are as kind as him! 😍

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      1. Totally! His only weakness is his awful ex. I REALLY hope they don’t end up together. But considering she is still around, I have a bad feeling she will be “redeemed”. But she could still never deserve uri Oppa.


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