K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 4

My grumpy side is back and kicking!

I am starting to get exhausted with this never ending hullabaloo at Hauline, especially after Ho-won’s courageous whistleblowing act in the previous episode. I mean, I get that it’s all fiction, but why on earth would the employees vote for their co-worker’s position in the company, right? And also, do not even get me started with the unfair treatment that Ho-won and the two other misfits endure just because they are contractual workers. Her “lack of training given to contractual hires” monologue before her officemates was so heart-wrenching that I even question my own reality. Why do temps have to undergo this injustice just because they are speaking up? She even revealed the long standing bribery that has been plaguing the company. Does anyone here really care for the well-being of these temps, or even just Ho-won, for telling the truth about a sensitive issue? I presume that a large company like Hauline has lawyers who can look further into this situation. I can forgive them for firing Ho-won (okay, not really!) over her accidental email blast about the bribery committed by her boss, but I will never understand that her re-installment is decided based on the vote of her teammates and not the higher management. It just sounds illogical.


Also, I am really getting tired of Woo-jin’s antics. Yes, he objects nepotism so much. Yes, our trio is underqualified compared to other applicants, with Ki-taek not even undergoing the interview. But don’t you think they have done enough to prove their rightful place in that office desk? I can forgive him for being suspicious because the EunJangDo trio’s hiring is suspicious after all. But I just hope he will also see the good in every one. Right, Seo bujangnim?


This episode also had my heart weeping for Ki-taek oppa’s caring personality. I cheered for him while he punched Kang-ho for his cowardice. I was so touched I almost cried when he offered to give Ho-won money for her medical check-up (which she refused anyway). I ached for him whenever I see those sad eyes looking at Ji-na.  It was revealed that he even bailed out of his job interview because of her. I was also so proud of him when he initiated the reconciliation between Ho-won and Kang-ho. He is like the older brother we all want to have. I love how his platonic relationship with Ho-won is well-written that you won’t even ship them as a love team, but as an oppa-dongsaeng tandem. PD-nim, let’s give Ki-taek oppa a happy love line too, please.

Despite everything that has happened, I am still happy that our misfits set aside their misunderstandings in this episode. The EunJangDo trio is complete again and ready to start anew.

Were you annoyed at Hauline’s company policies, too? Or is it all right with you for as long as our heroine gets to stay in the company longer? You can tell me in the comments section!


[📷: dramabeans.com]

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One comment

  1. Love that last pic. Lol it was my favorite part. Yea the hauline politics are totally wack and annoying. But I love ki taek Oppa enough to keep watching. It’s the best Oppa dongsaeng relationship I have seen thus far in the kdrama world.


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