K-Drama Reaction: The Liar and His Lover | Episode 3

It seems that this episode is the point where Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) started to see Yoon So-rim (Joy of Red Velvet) in a different light.

Reax 3.1

So-rim’s singing voice sent Han-gyeol rushing to her school to look for her, and even though Baek Jin-woo (Song Kang) was so determined not to let their paths cross, our hero was still able to find his heroine.

And omo, omo, omo! That telephone booth scene between Han-gyeol and So-rim got me giggling and gasping for air like a fish taken out of water. They once again stood sooo close to each other with their lips almost touching and hearts almost beating as one. Guys, why are you doing this to us!? If you’re going to kiss, jebaaal kiss already because we’re dying of the nonstop teasing. Hahaha!

Reax 3.2Reax 3.3Reax 3.4

Oh, I forgot to mention that I like all the singing-out-of-nowhere scenes in this drama. They give “La la land” feels. The songs are also great! My personal favorite is So-rim’s version of Han-gyeol’s song. But not everyone’s happy with it. Ask senior teacher (Lee Dae-yeon) why.

But if there’s a KJ teacher, there’s also a very supportive one in the persona of Teacher Bong Won-bin (Kim In-kwon) who served as the bridge for So-rim and her bandmates to be discovered by Sole Music. I think it’s a positive thing for the Bong Trio even if I don’t like how Sole Music director Choi Jin-hyuk (Lee Jung-jin) is treating his talents.

Going back to Han-gyeol. He was very cute during the scene where he and So-rim played music with the kids in the park. He played with all of his might after the kids doubted his ability. Hahaha! But I loved him even more when he told So-rim not to doubt her voice and that he fell in love at first sight (more like, first hear? Lol) with it. Han-gyeol, you surely know how to make a girl’s heart melt. So sweet!

Reax 3.5

But wait! It seems like Han-gyeol wasn’t the only one smitten by So-rim’s singing voice. Seo Chan-young (Lee Seo-won) also showed great interest in her after hearing her sing on the rooftop of the Sole Music building. Hmmm, feels like the work rivalry between Han-gyeol and Chan-young will be extended to the love department.

The developments in this episode make me want to watch episode 4 right away. Do you agree with me?

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