K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 5

We are about to start building up the chemistry between our lead couple in this episode so I hope you agree with me in this episode’s piece.


First let me just ask you, why would a company re-hire someone who has been fired twice? Enlighten me. I know that Woo-jin was a bit harsh for firing her (again), but it is partly Ho-won’s fault this time. She might be taking the blame over the wrong orders for their road show, but she was the one who wrote the order contract anyway. She needs foresight as a marketing employee, duh. And I am really disappointed with how Ho-won survives all the hurdles in her professional career with unrealistic methods. She lied about her identity in the previous episode, that’s why she was able to get info about her online marketing research task. And in this episode, she relied on pure luck for positively predicting about the factory CEO’s illness. I don’t know how the show plans to redeem Ho-won’s professionalism after this task but once and for all, I want to see her as someone who does her work as an office employee, and not just barely surviving every field task given by her prickly (but handsome) boss.

Don’t get me wrong here. I still love her for being so persistent and diligent in everything she does, but please, if she really wants to survive the corporate world, she needs to learn that professionalism is always the way to go. You cannot depend on play pretend shenanigans or just random personal approach all the time.


Okay, so let’s move on from the office drama and talk about Ho-won’s hilarious reaction upon seeing Woo-jin’s blinds. I was literally laughing out loud! Who in their right mind would use their own picture as a display for their blinds? Woo-jin, as grumpy and strict as he is, has certainly some wacky side of him. I just hope that once Woo-jin finds out that Ho-won is her very reliable housekeeper, he will start to trust in her abilities as his employee too.

Looking forward to the next episode!


[📷: dramabeans.com]

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