K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 6

Our main couple registers a development in their relationship in this episode. We finally get a glimpse of Woo-jin’s family background, and his life outside of the four corners of Hauline. It feels good to know that he is from a humble background, raised alone by his very charming father outside of Seoul. Although, I still have theories about his familial relations, I think I will just let the complications unfold as they come.



Did I mention how adorable Seo bujangnim is when he washed the dishes wearing those cutesy rubber shoes? For a moment, I forgot his prickly attitude because I was touched by his relationship with his father. And with Ho-won witnessing this personal homecoming, I really hope both of them will get more comfortable working with each other back in Seoul.

And since this is my first Go Ah-sung and Ha Suk-jin drama, I can honestly say that there is chemistry between them. I don’t know about their previous dramas, but Radiant Office brings out the best in their acting. Ha Suk-jin turns out to be more than just your average workaholic and arrogant boss, and Go Ah-sung is also not your ordinary sick girl with a dream. I just hope they will tackle more about Ho-won’s terminal illness in the next episodes or just a little hint that she is not really sick after all.


Chaebol doctor Hyun (now, author!) is still as creep and as mysterious as he can be. I am particularly annoyed at how he was able to use our EunJangDo trio as characters in his own book. So is that why he hired them as Hauline employees? How did he know the reason behind Ho-won’s suicide attempt? I hope the show will reveal more of Hyun’s personal life and his relationship with his father because I am still puzzled by him.

hsj 6

Lastly, Ki-taek oppa surefire pulled the right strings in this episode. I know I cannot blame Ji-na for wanting a better man for herself; but girl, if you really love someone, you have to stand by them no matter what. Love is a decision. You cannot just leave your loved one just because it gets hard. You have to hold hands through all the hardships in life. I am so proud of Ki-taek oppa for finally having the courage to let her go. They both do not deserve each other. That moment when he removed Ji-na’s picture from his wallet was so momentous that I almost recorded it. It hurts today, but eventually all roads must come to an end, and Ki-taek oppa will forget her and give his love to a more deserving woman.


[📷: dramabeans, tumblr gifs, soompi, imbc]

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