K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 7

Woo-jin is winning me over these past few episodes because of his unconsciously growing attraction with Ho-won. After the hometown field trip last week, we get to see a gentler side of him, the one who cares about Ho-won. Maybe it helped that Ho-won’s eommoni visited him because it revealed personal details about Ho-won’s family background and their similarities. This is always my favorite part of every K-drama, the awkward attempts of the hero to control his brewing affection for the heroine. It just makes the series more enjoyable as we witness our love birds’ romantic journey.

But this episode feels so heavy on the side because of all the side stories of our supporting characters. We are finally able to see the kind of relationship that Hyun has with his father. We all know that they are not in good terms, and that Hyun has a hyung (whom we are still about to be introduced to). But after Hyun’s very unpleasant dinner with his chairman father, I am left with more questions than answers. What does he mean by they were “hidden” very well by their father? And his father’s apparent cluelessness about his allergy to shrimp is an alarming depiction of their stained relationship. And also, who is Hyun’s brother that his father is so proud of?

Back in the office politics, Director Han’s outburst against Manager Park’s sales team and kindness towards Woo-jin’s marketing team had me cracking up. I have been annoyed with Manager Park for quite some time now, and seeing him getting beat up by his boss because of his incompetence is very satisfying. But my smile eventually vanished after Manager Park met with his team to talk about their failure to meet the sales goal. This old prick had the guts to dish his team about their poor sales performance when he just sits all day accepting bribes from contractors. I just hope Assistant Manager Cho Suk-kyung will not be enticed to support him in his dark motives against Hauline.


Also, this jerk Yong-jae almost had me breaking my screen because I was so annoyed. How dare this useless bully order our EunJangDo trio to sell furniture to improve the sales goal? He even told them that their respective evaluations will depend on their sales accomplishment! You little tormentor!


Kang-ho, on the otherhand, gets worse each passing day. His desire to be recognized by his very overbearing mother is taking a toll against him. Especially now that his little lie about him being a temp is revealed. I am starting to get worried about his suicidal tendencies and his eagerness to get that permanent position will soon have an effect on him as a person.


The magazine interview with the Hauline sales and marketing team is the best cliffhanger so far for me. I am very proud of Ho-won for having the courage to call out her seniors’ “lies” about how the company treats its employees like a family. I know this would get her in trouble again, but at least she will serve as an inspiration for other team members to stop the dirty tactics and just get on with their respective jobs.


[📷: dramabeans.com]

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