Taecyeon going onboard OCN’s upcoming psycho thriller Save Me?

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon (Bring It On, Ghost) had been courted to star in OCN’s upcoming psycho thriller Save Me, opposite lead actress Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang).

On April 5, a statement from Taecyeon’s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed that their camp is considering the offer in “a positive light.”

Save Me is OCN’s upcoming psychological thriller drama based on the webtoon Out of this World about a group of unemployed men who saved a woman in an alleyway who was asking for help. They came to her rescue, but found themselves caught up in the mystery of her involvement in a pseudo-religious cult.

Save Me will be written by newbie Jung Yi-do and will be helmed by film director Kim Sung-soo of 2013’s Genome Hazard.

The drama will air on a weekend in the second half of the year, following another upcoming thriller Duel.


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