K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 8

Hyun is becoming shadier as the day goes by. What is his real motive? Why does he want Hauline for himself? How does hiring the EunJangDo trio help him secure the company chairmanship? And more importantly, who is hyung? I have so many theories – birth secrets, dead older brother, and others. I can’t wait for this identity reveal!

I am getting worried about Suk-kyung unnie. I just hope she will not get infected by the toxicity virus that Manager Park has been spreading in the office. Although I would like Suk-kyung to succeed in her career as a general manager in the future, I don’t want her to side with Manager Park in this dirty old office politics. Her reactions to Manager Park’s remarks are realistic, though. People in the corporate world do not always stand up against the unjust system; they just go with the flow and try to survive. But everyone has a breaking point. She will soon feel the burnout and free herself from the toxic environment. I try to understand her situation because she is a single mother with a young daughter. She is aware that every decision will affect her daughter, that’s why she needs to be more careful. Potential consequences for speaking up against the hierarchy will only blur her chances of survival.


That erroneous catalog printing conflict has my head scratching once again. But at least, this time our heroine was able to solve it in a professional manner. I understand that it is not their fault because Jae-min sabotaged the whole thing, but it made me proud that Ho-won and Ki-taek were able to take responsibility and handle the critical situation. Ho-won’s handwritten letters and personal calls are more than enough to make up for their ‘mistake.’

I also feel so proud that Woo-jin is improving as a person. Yes, he is still strict and righteous, but at least he apologized to Ho-won and Ki-taek for taking the blame in the inaccurate catalogs. After all, he took responsibility for his subordinates’ actions because he was not able to double-check the price list before the final printing.


Who else here laughed out loud during Secretary Kkot-bi’s reaction after seeing our three male officemates wearing eye patches? And that ‘eye infection’ assumption is just witty and creative.

Finally, Kang-ho reaches his snapping point! We all know every unfortunate event will lead to him breaking his limit, but it just feels so satisfying that it happened while punching Jae-min. This young gun annoys me so much after his catalog printing antics, and it just feels so right that he got beaten by our poor Kang-ho. This character development is so crucial for him, especially now that he has left his shell and lives independently. It’s also a good thing that he has friends like Ho-won and Ki-taek who care about his well-being above anyone else. I just hope his mother will soon realize her son’s worth, and that Kang-ho’s life is not a reflection of her own.

Untitled collage

Ji-na also has me scratching my head in this episode. I can’t read her actions. At one point, she seems to be remorseful. But on second thought, it was her who said mean things to Ki-taek. It’s a good thing that Ki-taek oppa sticks to his promise of moving forward. I feel like Ji-na really does not love Ki-taek anymore, she just got used to having him around. That’s why she feels down now that Ki-taek is living his own life without having to depend on her for his happiness.


And lastly, the dramatic reveal about Ho-won’s terminal illness. Of course, she left her phone in the office. Of course, Ki-taek will drunk dial her number to advise her about getting a medical check-up to learn more about her ailment. Of course, it is Woo-jin who will answer her phone and hear everything!


[📷: dramabeans, soompi, imbc]

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