Hyun Bin to fight zombies in new movie Outbreak

It’s both good news and bad news: Hyun Bin (Hyde, Jekyll, Me) has confirmed to reunite with Confidential director Kim Sung-hoon in new action saeguk film Outbreak which means we won’t be seeing him in dramaland any sooner.

Hyun Bin is set to play a Joseon prince Lee Chung sent to the Qing Dynasty as a political hostage. Ten years later, he returns home when his brother, the Crown Prince Yi Young, asks him to help fight nightmarish monsters (they must be the zombies} plaguing the country.

I find this really interesting – a mashup of two genres we haven’t seen so far in the Korean film landscape and it’s no wonder why expectations are high for this one following [personal favorite) Train to Busan’s international sucess.

Outbreak will start filming at the end of the year


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