K-Drama Reaction: The Liar and His Lover | Episode 7

Woahhh, this episode left me breathless! Everything’s now in full swing as the drama inches an episode closer to the halfway mark.

Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) saved the day with a newly arranged song for the Bong Trio’s first ever TV performance. Even though the changes were made last minute, the trio, also with the help of Seo Chan-young (Lee Seo-won), made a good impression on the viewers that even the KJ senior teacher (Lee Dae-yeon) took a photo op with Yoon So-rim (Joy of Red Velvet). So proud of you, guys!


Now it’s time for So-rim and Han-gyeol to patch things up. So-rim asked Han-gyeol if the songs he writes express his current feelings to which he answered no. With that, our love birds reconciled. Well, I didn’t expect the reconciliation to be that fast given all the drama they had in the previous episode. But nevertheless, I’m happy for them.

Sole Music director Choi Jin-hyuk (Lee Jung-jin) then went to see Han-gyeol and Chan-young to discuss with them the positive outcome of the Bong Trio’s TV performance. He also told them that the credits for the song the trio sang will all go to Chan-young, which he declined. Mr. Choi told Chan-young to accept it and consider it as a good thing as he looks up to Han-gyeol (Did Mr. Choi mean Han-gyeol’s better than Chan-young?). This hurt Chan-young’s feelings, causing him to walk out.


Even though Chan-young tends to be insensitive and insecure, I somehow understand where he’s coming from. Being a stand-in for Han-gyeol in Crude Play, he always feels being left out. The reason why he wanted to prove something by himself. And he believes that So-rim can help him achieve that goal.


Now So-rim is left with a tough decision to make. Who will she choose? Will it be Chan-young whom she promised to work with for the next three years? Or will it be Han-gyeol who volunteered to write her debut song? And the answer is *drum roll please* Chan-young! Oh no, Han-gyeol! So-rim rejected you twice already!

But don’t be sad So-rim and Han-gyeol shippers. Yes, it seems like Chan-young’s winning when it comes to producing music for So-rim, but when it comes to our heroine’s heart, there’s only one clear winner. Proof is the overflowing sweetness between our love birds!


Han-gyeol asked So-rim out (this time, properly), which our heroine gladly accepted. They were so lovable the whole time of their date, especially during the bus scene where So-rim placed her head on Han-gyeol’s shoulder. And was Han-gyeol acting jelly when a Crude Play performance on TV, specifically Chan-young’s part, caught So-rim’s attention? Aha! I can see through you, Han-gyeol!


I also love their accidental hug when a biker nearly hit So-rim while she and Han-gyeol were enjoying a walk together. Even though a voice is telling me that So-rim’s just 19, I can’t help but wish for more skinship. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And that awkward position when Han-gyeol looked up after tying So-rim’s shoe lace got me laughing out loud. What a way to end your first date, eh? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Uh-oh. It seems like Crude Play’s career will face a huge challenge after their secret about having proxy players was revealed. Please stay strong! We know you can get through this.

Meanwhile, Han-gyeol and his father Kang In-woo (Choi Min-soo) met after a long time of being apart. But we have to wait until the next episode to know how it will turn out. Why so mean, PD-nim!?

Make sure to tune in for episode 8!

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