K-Lookbook: Shin Min-a (Tomorrow with You)

Annyeong Ahjummamshies! Are you one of those k-drama fans who can’t help but notice how well-styled your favorite character is? Or those who become frustrated whenever your favorite actress comes out with angry-bird-like eyebrows and bird-nest hairstyles? Worry no more because your kiyowo dongsaeng will be your companion with all the wows and nays of fashion in dramaland.

K-Lookbook’s first installment presents Shin Min-a’s nomu nomu chowa styles in tvN’s “Tomorrow With You.”

Shin Min-a is no doubt one of the Korean actresses known for her impeccable fashion sense. Our favorite gumiho can be seen in a rag and will still be considered as fashionable. So, it is no surprise that her recent drama series is filled with some serious style-spiration.

If you are like me, who has been drooling with Shin Min-a’s wardrobe in this drama, go ahead and get your next OOTD peg from this Ahjummashies fashion compilation.

Shin Min Ah Jeans

Shin Min-a plays the role of Song Ma-rin, a photographer who fell in love with time travelling billionaire Yoo So-joon (Lee Je-hoon). Her character dons skinny jeans and the basic black/white shirts in some of her scenes. Min-a also ties a bandanna around her neck to add a perfect twist in her denim-dominated wardrobe.

Shin Min Ah skirts

I’m totally in love with her denim front-slit skirt and military green jacket outfit. Min-a rocks the girly yet chic looks by combining skirts with tasteful tops.

Shin Min Ah layers

Shin Min-a is not afraid to let out her character’s bubbly personality through her full-on ladylike look. Ma-rin’s outfit during her meet-cute with So-joon was so adorable, you would want to layer a chiffon blouse and solid suspender dress despite the sweltering summer heat. She also upped her cutesy game when she combined a red polka dot blouse with a denim skirt (yes, denim again).

Shin Min Ah boyfriend look

Min-a stuns with her boyfriend looks in TWY. I’m also getting a little bit of a grunge-inspo with her sleeveless denim vest and red pants combo.

Shin Min Ah wedding dress

Someone as vivacious as Song Ma-rin would not walk down the aisle in a traditional dress. Instead, she chose a crop top two piece wedding dress that was perfect for her outdoor garden wedding with So-joon.

Share your favorite Shin Min-a outfit!

[📷: tvN/ Tomorrow with You]

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