Sohn Eun-so, Chansung, Go Bo-gyeol confirmed for saeguk drama Seven Day Queen

Three more stars have been tapped to join the cast of the upcoming KBS saeguk-melo-romance Seven Day Queen.

Sohn Eun-so (Voice) joins the cast as Jang Nok-soo, Yeonsangun’s concubine and confidante, while Go Bo-gyeol (Goblin) will take on the role of Myung-hae, a shrewd young noblewoman who will become King Jungjong’s political partner. In addition, 2PM’s Chansung (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) will play King Jungjong’s truest friend who will support him in all of his efforts. This project will mark both Go Bo-gyeol and Chansung’s first try at the saeguk genre.

The drama tells the story of Queen Dangyeong, who had the shortest reign ever—seven days to be exact—in the Joseon era’s history. This titular role will be played by Park Min-young (Remember: War of the Son). Meanwhile, Queen Dangyeong’s husband, King Jungjong, who couldn’t protect her from dethronement will be played by Yeon Woo-jin (Introverted Boss). Lee Dong-gun (Laurel Tree Tailors), on the other hand, will portray the role of King Jungjong’s tyrant brother, Yeonsangun.

Seven Day Queen will begin airing on May 31 in a Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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