K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 9

As we enter the second half of the series, we are getting prepped up for the major reveal of Ho-won’s terminal illness. Or is she really the one who is terminally ill? I am getting some hints that the show is trying to gear us up for a major plot twist so I have to get myself (and my tissues) ready for another ugly cry.


We open the episode with Woo-jin’s surprised reaction upon hearing Ki-taek’s lecture about Ho-won’s terminal illness. Woo-jin has impressed me lately because of growing appreciation of his employees, not just Ho-won. His visit to Ho-won’s college also gave him a peek through Ho-won’s student life and got to know her even more. I am particularly touched by his eagerness to get Ho-won checked up for her illness. He may not like Ho-won romantically yet, but his concern as his superior is admirable.


We finally have a clue about Dr. Hyun’s hyung. He is alive after all. But why is he giving up on his position in Hauline and give it to Hyun? I thought they are into competing with each other. Why does it seem to me that they are in good terms? I think we are getting an inch closer to his identity reveal, so I think I can be patient for a few more episodes.


What hurts me most in this episode is Assistant Manager Cho Suk-kyung’s situation. She was forced to get in touch with her ex-husband, only to get belittled by his new woman. Suk-kyung’s desire to get a promotion is not helping her emotional well-being. But I am proud of her for deflecting the fiancee’s humiliation in her own office.


I am also fed up with this jerk Manager Park’s scheming antics. He is just so evil and cunning. He even went so low that he hired trolls to vote for the sales team’s products during the survey on Hauline’s new line. Thankfully, Woo-jin is always two steps ahead of him and never lets his guard down.


Ho-won also made me realize something about happiness in this episode. Her concept of happiness is so simple and realistic that it even made me think twice about my own understanding of contentment. A person’s sense of gratification changes once you know that your days are numbered. You start to be thankful for everything, even the simplest of things. You learn to appreciate the world around you. Ho-won’s earlier perception that life is unfair to her is gradually changing. She may not accept it yet, but her view about life’s realities is affected by her fear of knowing her terminal illness.


I just hope nobody dies in this series. I just hope that our characters, especially our EunJangDo trio, will all end up happy in the end. This is just too painful if one of them turns out to be really ill. They deserve all the happiness in life, PDnim!


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