Movie Review: 3 Reasons to Watch Sunny (2011)

Annyeonghaseyo! I’m Unica Ahjumma and today is my first day as your official movie reviewer here in Ahjummamshies so I hope you all enjoy my first movie review.

So tell me, are you excited!? Because I am! Okay, here we go… *drum roll please!* first up, Sunny!

Sunny poster

Have you watched it, ahjummamshies? If you haven’t, I’m suggesting that you add this to your to-watch movie list because it is soooo worth it. Jinjaroo! It is a comedy-drama movie that revolves around the story of Sunny, a group of seven old high school friends who got reunited after decades of not seeing each other to fulfill the dying wish of their leader. And as each member is traced, they discovered how the many years they have spent apart changed their lives but never their friendship.

Sunny will surely leave a dent in your hearts in a positive way! I have three reasons for that. First is its adorable cast. Acting-wise, I couldn’t ask for more. I loved how the actors made a clear connection between the teenage characters and their corresponding grown-up versions. Second is its warm story. It touched my heart and made me realize that a true friendship is like genuine gold—it does not fade with time. And lastly is its smooth execution. I loved how the movie creatively transported the viewers back and forth to the past and present without creating confusion on which is which.


And now here are my favorite scenes from the movie:

Sunny 1

I laughed soooo hard over this scene where Im Na-mi’s (Shim Eun-kyung) diabetes episode was mistaken for spirit possession that got her newfound friends like:

Sunny 2

And the members of their rival group like:

Sunny 3

Another LOL moment is when Sunny and their rival group got caught up in the clash between the riot police and protesters:

Sunny 5Sunny 4Sunny 7Sunny 9

And this moment where Im Na-mi (Shim Eun-kyung) and Jung Su-ji (Min Hyo-rin) bonded over soju while crying and saying biane to each other for being pretty. I was like, what’s the meaning of this, girls!? I thought you had a misunderstanding!? Hahaha!

Sunny 10Sunny 11

Of course, I’ll never forget this symbolic moment for the grown-up Im Na-mi (Yoo Ho-jeong) who, after over two decades, finally got the chance to put a dot to that chapter of her life involving her first love, Han Joon-ho (Lee Geung-young). Way to go, Im Na-mi!

Sunny 12Sunny 13Sunny 14

And now… my most favorite scene!

Sunny 15Sunny 16Sunny 17Sunny 18

This scene got me crying and smiling at the same time. I loved it so much because Ha Chun-wa’s (Jin Hee-kyung) dying wish somehow came true. Though it’s a little late, I know that she’s still happy wherever she is because Sunny got completed after 25 years.

Overall, this movie is very satisfying, perfect to watch on a Friday night while sharing a tub of ice cream with your best buddies. Sunny is so deserving of our love so I’m giving it a four-hearteu rating!

What do you think of this movie, ahjummamshies? Comment your feelz below because I’d like to hear from you. That’s all for now, annyeong!

~ All credit for the stills used in this review goes to Toilet Pictures, Aloha Pictures, and CJ Entertainment.

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