So Ji-sub offered to play opposite Son Ye-jin in melo film Be With You

It seems that Son Ye-jin (Last Princess) and So Ji-sub (Oh My Venus) are poised to have a reunion movie 16 years after their first project together, MBC’s Delicious Proposal, in 2001.

This is after So Ji-sub was offered to join Son Ye-jin in the Korean remake of the Japanese melodrama film Be With You a.k.a. Coming to See You.

The movie tells the story of a close-knit family whose life went upside down following the mother’s death due to a terminal disease.

Should So Ji-sub accept the offer, he will play the role of Son Ye-jin’s grieving husband. Son Ye-jin, who confirmed late last year, will take on the role of the deceased mother who will reappear in front of her family a year after her death.

Both actors are known for their mastery of the melodrama genre, with So Ji-sub’s breakout project being I’m Sorry, I Love You, and Son Ye-jin’s The Classic remaining true to its title—a classic.

Be With You is expected to begin filming once the cast is completed under the wings of rookie director Lee Jang-hoon.

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