K-Drama Reaction: Chicago Typewriter | Episode 3

As Han Se-joo tries to decipher what’s going on, we ventured into the streets of his vision of the 30s. We take a peek through Ryu Soo-hyun’s (past Jeon Seol) life being chased by government officials. I want to see more of her character as a revolutionary and the events that led her to shoot someone.


I am liking how the story unfolds. We are now formally introduced to ghost writer Yoo Jin-oh (Go Kyung-pyo). I wonder if “Jin-oh” is both his present and past name? How is he related to Ryu Soo-hyun (past Seol)? And how can he just enter and leave Se-joo’s room normally?


There are also too many references to Stephen King’s “Misery” in this drama. The similarities of Se-joo and Seol to the book’s main characters are just too obvious to be unnoticed. I cannot blame Se-joo for comparing Seol to Annie Wilkes, a former nurse who was a self-proclaimed “number one fan” of the book’s protagonist writer-captive Paul Sheldon. Seol saving Se-joo from the car crash was so reminiscent of the book that I really find it somewhat disturbing already.


I am also curious about Ma Bang-jin’s shaman eommoni’s premonition about Se-joo and Seol’s meeting. Maybe she can also see right pass through Seol in her past life?


But I like the development in the relationship of our main couple in this episode. At least now, Seol was able to prove herself to being Se-joo’s “first fan” without putting in so much effort. Though I was laughing hard at how Seol treated Se-joo’s injuries using veterinary measures (collar of shame, anyone?), I am getting fond of their growing closeness. I am also proud of Se-joo for his initiative to apologize first for wrongful accusations against Seol. Sometimes, all we need in life is a simple “sorry and thank you.”


It is also revealed that Seol’s father died during a rescue operation, and that she makes an annual trip to the mountains where his ashes were scattered. I just hope Se-joo will soon stop his delusions about Seol as a stalker and appreciate her for being his loyal fan. It is so hard for someone to find a solid supporter who will not take advantage of you no matter what harsh words you say; so I hope Se-joo will eventually find the good in Seol.


I am also looking forward on why Seol’s antique gold pocket watch (which was originally owned by Hwi-young) ends up on Se-joo. Remembering Bang-jin’s explanation that antique items can have a mind of its own and will eventually return to its original owner, the broken pocket watch’s hands begin to tick after Se-joo picked it up from the ground.


Tae-min and his dad are also on a rough road. Dad’s criticisms about Tae-min’s writing and his continuous comparison with his son and Se-joo are taking a toll on the poor writer. It breaks my heart to see him listening to his father’s insults. We see how the story is building up Se-joo and Tae-min’s rivalry, especially now that Se-joo has a dark secret of hiring a ghostwriter which Tae-min can use for his own advantage.


Jin-oh’s mysterious aura surrounds the whole episode. His good relationship with Seo Hwi-young (past Se-joo) and Soo-hyun is somewhat established in Se-joo’s visions. I am trying to figure out how come that the “Chicago Typewriter” manuscript that he wrote was all in Se-joo’s dreams. We also have to take note the significant role of the old typewriter in the story. What is their connection? Is Jin-oh trying to say something to the present Se-joo through his writing?


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