K-Drama Reaction: The Liar and His Lover | Episode 10

An impromptu date, a proper date, and now, an official date! Omo, Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) and Yoon So-rim’s (Joy of Red Velvet) sweetness in this episode is just too much to handle!


Finally, our love birds are now officially dating. But they’ve decided to keep it a secret for the meantime. I didn’t expect Han-gyeol to be very clingy. Maybe, that’s what love can do to a person? He kept whining like a child because So-rim wasn’t contacting him. And when So-rim finally got the chance to text Han-gyeol “I miss you so much” after her hectic day, he rushed to her home as fast as a bullet train just to see her for a moment. So adorbs.


Our new couple then went on their first official date, but it almost ended in a bad note due to Han-gyeol’s worry they might get stalked. He acted very cautiously to the point they’re not enjoying their date anymore. He even bought movie tickets with separate seats (Heol!) that made So-rim walk out on him. (Well, I would do the same if I were her.) But, Han-gyeol sure knew how to say sorry. He rented the whole theater for him and So-rim to enjoy each other’s company peacefully. He also bought couple shoes for the two of them. Awww.


Our love birds are definitely cute when they’re lovey dovey, but they’re even cuter when they’re arguing! So-rim said she doesn’t want to listen to the song Han-gyeol produced for Chae Yoo-na (Hong Seo-young) because she’s jealous. In return, Han-gyeol said he doesn’t want the idea of So-rim working with Seo Chan-young (Lee Seo-won) because he’s jealous, too. ㅋㅋㅋ

And while Yoo-na’s comeback song was topping the music charts, Mush & Co’s debut song wasn’t doing as good, making Chan-young more jealous and insecure of Han-gyeol. But, he felt a little better when he heard So-rim defending their song from Yoo-na, who told our heroine that if only she chose Han-gyeol to produce their song, they could’ve had a much better debut.


Mush & Co, the Crude Play boys, and Han-gyeol then went on a trip to the sea to celebrate the rookie band’s debut and to also have a team building. Would you agree that Han-gyeol and Chan-young can actually pass as an OTP? Their bromance, at least for me, is strong! ㅋㅋㅋ This trip also strengthened the OTP potential of Yoo Si-hyun (Kim Sung-joo) and Soo-yeon sunbae (Lee Ha-eun). They look good together, don’t they?


The fun continued until late night with the group, minus Mush & Co of course, bonding over drinks. Given Han-gyeol’s low alcohol tolerance, he passed out just after a few shots. Because of this, he failed to see the night beach with So-rim so he texted her to just see the morning sea with him instead. While riding a bike together, So-rim told Han-gyeol that his heart beats fast to which Han-gyeol answered that it’s only normal as he’s with the girl he likes. And then… it happened! After several tease in the past episodes, we finally witnessed the much anticipated kiss! Kyaaa!

I guess everyone’s going to sleep with a smile tonight. Yes?

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