K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Episode 12

While some relationships face complications, some are about to reconcile. We see our heroes slowly getting by in doing their best to land that coveted full-time employment. I have this feeling that they will all get hired permanently anyway so I don’t really bother getting nervous about the HR personnel assessment. But there is a chance that the show will pull off another twist, right?



After the whole terminally ill plot development, it is time to move on to more of the office politics. I kind of like how the show is going forward despite the drama, because I want to see all the characters bickering inside the office more than watching someone die in despair inside a hospital room. The ship for our main couple Eun Ho-won (Go Ah-sung) and General Manager Seo Woo-jin (Ha Suk-jin) is finally sailing after 11 episodes. I still can’t root for them as my OTP since all I see in them are the company brouhaha that has been revolving all throughout the series. Maybe the last few episodes will save their love line.


Jang Kang-ho (Hoya of Infinite) also had his moment to shine in this episode. He finally got his heart-to-heart talk with his mother, and apologies have been given. His mother asked him to get that permanent position and go home to them. I like how she now let Kang-ho spread his own wings and find his niche outside of his comfort zone.


Hauline’s decision to put Chief Director Han Jung-tae on probation may be too harsh for some because of the execution of the scenes, but I think the company just did its job. Yes, the dismissal may be initiated by General Manager Park Sang-man and planned by Hyun, but at the end of the day, Chief Director Han is still a corrupt company exec who deserves nothing. He may be the sacrificial lamb for Hyun and Jerk Park’s respective intentions, and his 30 years of service at Hauline cannot be overlooked, but still, he used his position to take advantage of the company. I just hope Jerk Park will soon find his karma, especially now that Hyun will take over Chief Director Han’s place.


Though Hyun got his position through aggressive tactics, I still want believe that there is goodness in him. I believe him when he talked to his ill father about taking over the company and proving his worth. How can you prove your worth if you will not perform in excellence, right? I am looking forward to this story development and how General Manager Seo will act against Jerk Park’s evil plans now that they are both directly working under the chairman’s son.


The rough patches of Ha Ji-na (Han Sun-hwa) and Do Ki-taek’s (Lee Dong-hwi) relationship is still far from being healed, but I think they are improving as a couple than they were before the break-up. Ji-na now accepts Ki-taek oppa no matter how hard it is, and she realizes that as long as they love each other, no hurdle can ever break them apart. Good thing she is now willing to wait for Ki-taek to improve first as a person, not only for himself but for the both of them.


But it is Ki-taek oppa who has been stealing the limelight in this entire series. Ki-taek’s realization that it is not always love which can keep both of them alive. You also need to live with decency. You cannot just marry someone’s daughter and make her live in poverty. This new Ki-taek is a responsible man who is willing to wait for the right time to be in a relationship with the woman he loves. After watching Lee Dong-hwi in this series, I believe he deserves a lead role in his own drama. He is just too good.


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