Kang Ha-neul courted to play vet in Dog, Witch, and Me

Kang Ha-neul (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) has been headlining films left and right but has always been relegated to supporting roles in dramaland so hearing this casting definitely makes me excited.

Kang Ha-neul has been offered the lead role in new Pinnochio PD  Jo Soo-won’s drama Dog Witch and Me in which he will play a veterinarian. He will be involved in a bizarre love triangle with a guide dog (whom he loves) and the blind heiress whom the dog loves. Given the set-up, we’re all pretty sure that the dog will be love bridge between the two which could be really cute!

I think Kang Ha-neul fits perfectly a gentle and good-looking doctor. Also, he already played a role opposite a blind leading lady (Nam Ji-hyun) in Angel Eyes where he played the young counterpart of actor Lee Sang-yoon.

Kang Ha-neul is positively considering the offer and the actress has to be named yet. No broadcaster has picked up the drama as of this writing.



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