K-Drama Reaction: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Finale

Every time I finish reading a book, I always get this sad feeling as if a friend left me. Same with dramas, I get attached to the story that after the final episode aired, I feel like the characters will continue living without me. Separation anxiety, I guess.


But for now, let’s all wipe our tears and bid our final goodbye to the Min-Bong couple and the rest of the characters we came to love for the past few months. PDnim gave us an hour-long of squeal-worthy moments, but I have this lingering thoughts about Gook-doo which I’ll get back to you later.


First, let me give a brief recap on what happened in the final episode. CEO Ahn convinced appa to stop his protest and come back home. At the Do house, omma, being the timid and traditional woman that she is, insisted the couple to go upstairs and head to Bong-soon’s bedroom. And just when the two was about to lock lips, she disturbed the love birds with a plate of fruit. I can’t help but laugh at CEO Ahn’s face, especially when they were about to kiss again and Bong-gi barged into the room. He looked like a kid who was caught in the action stealing a cookie.


Dobong-dong became peaceful once again and CEO Ahn received an award from the police for aiding in the arrest of Psycho Oppa. And speaking of our twisted anti-hero, he never fails to steal the show. The way he screamed and howled in prison is just plausible. He’s one of the major reasons I got hooked on the drama.


Hee-ji said her farewell to Bong-ki after getting the opportunity to join an orchestra overseas. Our Cute Doctor didn’t seem to be shaken; instead, he shared his sister’s thoughts about finding the person you’re destined to be with.


Bong-soon decided to use her power to do good and have been helping around the community using her strength. Because of this, she’s always late for work and can’t be found during office hours. With Vicious Sunbae around, having the CEO as your boyfriend is not a free pass to slack off work. He made sure that our heroine constantly get an earful and even demoted her to being an intern again.

The scene where the Min-Bong couple was walking along the lane full of cherry blossoms made me want to visit South Korea more! Ehem, plane ticket please, ehem. Going back, our lovely CEO Ahn asked for Bong-soon’s hand and the two sealed the moment with a kiss.



Everyone dear to our beloved couple attended their wedding, including Boss Tak and his thugs. Even Vicious Sunbae was present and he made sure to pester Bong-soon and made a scene, some things really don’t change haha.


Fast forward, the Strong Woman gave birth to equally strong twins, and CEO Ahn having a hard time finding a baby sitter is an understatement. Even Boss Tak’s men can’t handle the twins’ strength.  Min-min tried to take care of her daughters and ended up looking like a panda.


Episode 16 ended with Bong-soon being a bad-ass, jumping off a building and sending a clear warning to criminals.


Gook-doo, the day late friend

Now, let’s go to the Gook-doo thing I’ve been itching to talk about since watching the finale. More than the Min-Bong couple getting the happy ending they deserve, I think the Hot Cop shined the most this time.


I don’t know if it’s just me but I think Gook-doo’s second lead charms came in super late this episode. He finally gave me the feeling that I’ve been waiting for since the start of this drama. Personally, I’ve been a Min-Bong shipper since Episode 1. And if you remember, I said in my previous reaction that I’m having a hard time loving Gook-doo the way I supported Jisoo’s former characters, but this time, yes, this time Gook-doo made me want to root for him. He made me want to turn my back to CEO Ahn, he made me want to wipe his tears, and at last, he made me wish that he got the girl.

I’ve been incessantly complaining about Gook-doo’s harshness in previous episodes, I guess PDnim finally heard my cry and doused him with all the softness and emotional vulnerabilities that I’ve been longing to see.


I’ve never heard the word “pabo” (stupid) sound so endearing the way Gook-doo said it to Bong-soon when confessing that he liked her since their high school days, he told Bong-soon that she was the cosmos-like girl he adored. The softness in his eyes made it look like that he wants to turn back the time, back when Bong-soon was still head over heels in love with him.

Also, the way he asked Bong-soon if they’re still friends and that nothing will change seemed more like an appeal rather than a question. It’s as if Gook-doo was telling the viewers that he’s aware of the pain that comes from seeing Bong-soon and CEO Ahn together, but not being a part of her life will be more excruciating.


I finally felt the hidden charm in his harshness when he went to see CEO Ahn and warned him not to hurt Bong-soon. But more than that, the way he recited his friend’s favorite things is painfully beautiful. It showed how much he worries for Bong-soon. I guess he’s just the type of person who’s not good at expressing his feelings but secretly cares.

Lastly, Gook-doo crying in the car after talking to Bong-soon brought me tears I didn’t have since my Reply 1988 days. He gave me that pain I had while watching Jung-hwan accepting his defeat. In some ways, I think the two are the same, loving a girl and losing her in the end because of  hesitations.


Okay, I’ve said my Gook-doo piece. Now, let me share my final thoughts on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Though the story has some minor lapses, especially the inconsistency of Bong-soon’s strength in earlier episodes, the drama overall is a good one and met, or even at some point exceeded, viewer expectations. Let me give a run through of what made me love this show.

  • Dobong-dong Ahjummas

These three make it a point to give you a laugh whenever they come on the screen. I love their realistic portrayal of those nosy and gossip-loving moms in the neighborhood. Honestly, they somehow remind me of my own omma hahaha.


  • Heartwarming scenes with appa

Like a cozy blanket on a rainy day, like the taste of a home cooked meal, Yoo Jae-myung effortlessly displayed a father’s love in numerous scenes. His kind smile warranties happy tears.


  • Cross-dressing oppas

This is definitely fan service! Jisoo and Hyungsik made me love them even more with their cross-dressing scenes. It made me realize that these two oppa look way prettier than me.


  • Hyungsik’s heart-piercing stares

No explanation needed. Hihihi.


  • Vicious Sunbae

Whether it’s the mean manager or one of Boss Tak’s thugs, actor Kim Won-hae was one of the characters who brought life to the drama.


  • Boss Tak and his wolf pack, Bong-soon’s high school minions

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon won’t be complete without this bunch of funny folks. Instead of hating the thugs, Boss Tak and his men’s performance made the characters lovable.

Bong-soon’s high school minions are both hilarious and endearing, especially their leader. The way they protect and care for Bong-soon is really charming. The scene where they went out to “hunt” CEO Ahn and warn him not to hurt their noonim is just too sweet for words.


  • Hee-ji

Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. It’s all that I can think about every time I see Hee-ji. She makes me want to pull her hair whenever she flirts with Bong-gi! Rookie actress Seol In-ah made a mark in her portrayal of the second female lead. I will definitely look out for her next project.


  • Hyungsik’s charm

All along I thought Park Bo-young is the master of aegyo, but I was wrong. Hyungsik’s cuteness is just overflowing. Unlike others whose aegyo is annoying and forced, CEO Ahn will just melt you with his charms.


  • Park Bo-young, Hyungsik, Jisoo’s acting

Having seen almost all of their previous dramas and films, I already expected top-notch acting from these three. I think one of Park Bo-young’s strength as an actress is the way she makes the character relatable to the audience. Whether in Werewolf Boy, Oh My Ghostess or Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, she always makes it a point that you will somehow see a part of yourself in her character.

I guess my whole piece about Gook-doo explains how much I adore Jisoo, though I wish PDnim brought out the Hot Cop’s second lead charms earlier in the game.

Hyungsik will definitely be big. He’ll follow the footsteps of Song Joong-ki and the like in promoting the Hallyu wave. This project sealed the deal for him. After making me fall for him in Hwarang, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon once again proved that he got the talent and charms to be one of South Korea’s top actors.


  • Psycho Oppa

Model turned actor Jang Mi-kwan stole the spotlight, at least for me. His portrayal of the masked sociopath is just spot on. His acting is so authentic that even his smile sent shivers to my spine. I believe he’s a great discovery in this drama and I will be anticipating his next project.


  • Feel-good OST

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s OST is as bright as CEO Ahn’s smile and will surely lift your mood up.

Double Trouble Couple – Mamamoo

Dugeun Dugeun – Kim Chung Ha

Suran – Heartbeat

Vromance – I’m In Love


All’s well that end’s well, right? I will bring all the good memories from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and reminisce CEO Ahn’s warm smiles whenever my life rains. Catch me on my next drama reaction. This has been Tipsy Ahjumma, signing off. Annyeong!





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