K-Drama Reaction: Chicago Typewriter | Episode 6

We enter a more serious tone of our beloved fantasy series with drops of comic relief from our unlikely bromance duo. Our ghost writer Yoo Jin-oh (Go Kyung-pyo) and our star writer Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in) form an interesting bond as they both deal with the mystery of them meeting in the present. Jin-oh is apparently not seen by everyone except Se-joo and Ma Bang-jin. 


Being best friends in their past life, the connection between Se-joo and Jin-oh transcends in this present time. Although they are unaware of it yet, I can sense that their friendship is about to be renewed in this lifetime. These eye candies are going to be another iconic duo in the K-drama world.


As it turns out, Se-joo was “rescued” by Baek Tae-min’s (Kwak Si-yang) father when he was living alone in their old house. Se-joo was an orphan with no one else to go to, so Baek Do-ha invited him to live with them. Se-joo used to have a good relationship with Tae-min, and his scheming mother was the one who apparently started it all. She told our poor Se-joo to live as quietly as possible because she considers him as a disgrace to their family. No wonder Se-joo holds this grudge up to this day.


Jin-oh and Se-joo’s constant bickering almost always centered about Seol and the “Chicago Typewriter” manuscript. Jin-oh fell in love with Seol at first sight when she brought the typewriter to Se-joo’s house. Jin-oh used to inhabit the typewriter for 80 years now, and is on a mission to know the reason behind his death. He asks Se-joo to finish writing the novel as it is their only gateway to the past.


There’s more to Bang-jin than meets the eye. She sees real ghosts, not just Jin-oh but the scary ones. Maybe it’s because of her shaman mother, or maybe because of another reason. I guess we have to tune in to find out.


Poor Seol. She only wants to bring food to Se-joo to cheer him up. She may misunderstand Se-joo’s harsh treatment (which is really for Jin-oh), but she is right. She is just a human who gets hurt. No matter how much she likes Se-joo, she still does not deserve to be scolded like that.



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