Park Sung-woong offered lead in Bad Guys Season 2

Veteran actor Park Sung-woong (Man to Man) has been courted to take a lead role in the much anticipated second season of OCN’s 2014 hit crime series Bad Guys. The upcoming series Bad Guys: Age of Evil will feature a new hybrid band teaming going up against a “decaying society that has lost its sense of justice.”

Seems like the drama will be a spin-off, and not a sequel since the original crew has not been offered to return to this new season, apparently. Considering how the first season ended, public anticipation has been high for Bad Guys, especially if all the original cast members will reunite.

Once Park Sung-woong goes on board, he will portray the violent crimes detective who was a boxer in a former life, and does not take interest in justice or ambition, but rather is fixated on money. This is obviously opposite Kim Sang-joong’s character in the first season, who was obsessed with the idea of righteous justice, whatever the brutal means required.

Bad Guy: Age of Evil will follow Tunnel, Duel, and Save Me in OCN’s Saturday-Sunday slot later this year.



Source: dramabeans, OCN

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