K-Drama Reaction: Man to Man | Episode 1

What a jampacked episode! A lof of things have already happened and all the characters have already been introduced – something I always have a hard time dealing with. So I rewatched some of the scenes to make sense off all that flashed right before my eyes and generally, I like where the story is taking us.

Kim Seol-woo’s mission in Budapest gives us two insights about him. First, he’s incredibly skillful. He disguised perfectly as a lecturer (kudos to Hae-jin’s English) and his fighting chops is no small feat. And though, I think he resorted to unnecessarily complex way to free Petrov, I believe it’s a good way to give us a glimpse of how strategic he is. Second is that he views love objectively. That love is some kind of a means to an end, a mere tactic to attain his goals. I’m not yet confident where to attribute this kind of belief that Seol-woo holds. Is it because he’s an agent whose trained to manipulate people’s emotions to carry out his orders or is it that he hasn’t fallen in love at all in the first place? That is what I want to buy. Really. Not much information has been disclosed about his back story yet but I’m certainly eager to know more about our pretty agent.

Now onto Woon-kwang, Cha Do-ha and their relationship. Woon-kwang is obviously spoiled brat, seeing him very picky with his coffee and put the blame on his assistant when they arrived on the filming set. However, I do find him adorable more than irritating, maybe it’s all thanks to Park Sung-woong’s portrayal whose works I have always enjoyed. And though he has this diva-esque attitude, we’ve also seen a softer side to him when he defended the stunt man who accidentally hurt him while filming. When it comes to Cha Do-ha, I know a lot of you raised an eyebrow during that tractor scene where she threatened to kill Woon-kwang after she found him making out with an actress. It’s crazy, yes, but was it supposed to make it comical? Because I was laughing during that entire scenario. But if there’s one thing we can be certain, it is that Do-ha wants nothing but the best for Woon-kwang and he seems to be very aware of it, and he actually knows how to reciprocate the favour.


We’ve also seen our potential villains in the story with the introduction of the ‘power couple’ Mo Seung-jae (Yeon Jeong-hun) and Song Mi-eun (Chae Jung-ahn). That scene where they fetched their child from school to portray what a lovely family they are is just annoying. Mo Seung-jae is a two-faced man: He’s a doting dad to his child but is also man who uses his money and influence to get what he wants. And while Mi-eun hasn’t demonstrated any evilness in the episode,  we know that she harbors a dark past with Woon-kwang. Are they lovers in the past? Certainly so.


Overall, the pilot episode is impressive. It’s a bit ovewhelming because of the many narratives that were going on but the show managed to establish its premise and create its world. I felt the adrenaline when it was trying to be an action flick and found it funny when it’s trying to be a comedy. That Descendants of the Sun parody really cracked me up.

And with Park Hae-jin’s swoonworthy appearance and cute facial expressions, there’s no reason I won’t be tuning to the show.

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