K-Drama Reaction: Man to Man | Episode 2

Now that our ghost agent is officially Woon-kwang (Park Sung-woong)’s head of security, the question is how long Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae-jin) will able to endure it when it seems that the action star and his saeseng manager Cha Do-ha (Kim Min-jung) are already plotting to oust him soon.

Not your typical straight-faced bodyguard

Kim Seol-woo is definitely experienced in going undercover because in the previous episode, we’ve seen how he conveniently shifted from one identity to another. And as expected from a man who can fake his feelings, it’s surprising as well as delightful to see how his spontaneous reactions sometimes gave him away. Yes, I’m pertaining to that cute fist bump he had when he heard that he would join Yoon-kwang and Do-ha in Chairman Victor’s party. I think it really does add another layer to his rather stoic appearance and I’m dying to see more of that.


Budding love triangle

And it’s not the usual three-way romance where he likes-her-but-she-likes-him situation because Cha Do-ha is obviously not liking the budding ‘bromance’ between Woon-kwang and Seol-woo.


Proving he can be really useful by preventing Woon-kwang from being late and making him a hot topic on the Internet, Seol-woo has instantly won the favor of Woon-kwang to the extent that the actor is treating him like a VIP guest at the filming location. The ala-runaway couple scene is also a really funy showcase of their ‘romance.’ Although, they initially started rough with Seol-woo scaring him with a fake improvised explosive device to remove Woon-kwang from his bed, the scene where our bodyguard was almost giving in to the star’s request to have a bite on the chicken (LOL) is enough to see the potential of them being future allies. But Do-ha is not giving up. She has her own way of getting Woon-kwang on her side because to be honest her arguments for dumping Seol-woo are actually not convincing at all, but maybe Woon-kwang gives value to their relationship which appeared to have already come a long way.

When it comes to that ‘nagging’ thing Seol-woo is mentioning in relation to Do-ha, given that I’m a romanticist, comes to me as sort of his growing interest on her. The fact that he kicked Do-ha’s shoe after he saw the sweetness between her and Woon-kwang kinda validates that belief. Sorry guys, but I really want a loveline between Seol-woo and Do-ha. Haha.


Baddies on the move

As relationships start to build up, the antagonists are wasting no time to carry out their plans. Mo Seung-jae (Yeon Jeong-hoon) is definitely aware of the ‘past’ Woon-kwang and Song Mi-eun (Chae Jung-ahn) shared and he’s definitely not liking it that his wife seems to have not moved on from it yet. However, I’m a little perplexed on who’s behind the sabotage to Woon-kwang’s car scene because it’s the mayoral candidate’s minion that carried out the move. Isn’t the search for the three wooden carvings the one’s the mayoral candidate’s supposed to take care of or it just speaks of the range of things Seung-jae can order him to do?

Lastly, the car chase scene to try and save Woon-kwang from death at the end of the episode was so heart-pounding, it made me want to jump into may screen and stop the car from speeding.


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