K-Drama Reaction: The Liar and His Lover | Episode 13

Watching the twists and turns unfold in this episode is like finishing a marathon—exhausting!

Sole Music director Choi Jin-hyuk’s (Lee Jung-jin) rash decision to use Kang Han-gyeol’s (Lee Hyun-woo) song as Mush & Co’s performance piece on TV without Seo Chan-young’s (Lee Seo-won) knowledge resulted in a domino effect. Han-gyeol was forced to reveal his identity as K to save Crude Play after Chan-yeong disappeared minutes before the band’s TV performance.

Though it’s unprofessional to leave your group like that, Chan-young somehow won my respect especially after I understood his reason. He wanted Han-gyeol to be in his proper place—and that’s the stage as Crude Play’s true bassist. I also acknowledge Chan-young’s decision not to confess to Yoon So-rim (Joy of Red Velvet) as a sign of respect for her.


The surprise unmasking of Crude Play’s K on live TV attracted a lot of attention and high ratings, but took a blow on our heroine as it added fuel to her two-timing scandal with Han-gyeol and Chan-young. Fans were enraged to discover that the other guy in the scandal is actually Crude Play’s secret producer. The situation got even more messed up with Chan-young’s decision to take a break from the band.


Fans quickly judged that a love triangle is behind the move and blamed So-rim for “ruining” their bias. To show their dismay, they vandalized a wall outside Sole Music building and posted nonstop hate comments against So-rim online. Poor girl.

But hey, seems like someone wants to take advantage of the situation. Chae Yoo-na (Hong Seo-young) suggested to Han-gyeol to play pretend that they’re in a relationship to cover up the issue, but he immediately it turned down. Girl, I think the message was delivered loud and clear so you better BACK. OFF.


This whole thing left me wondering… is the Korean entertainment industry this scary in real life? I wish not.

And while everyone at Sole Music is still in the process of resolving So-rim, Han-gyeol, and Chan-yeong’s love triangle issue, another scandal broke out. This time, it’s about Crude Play’s secret. Ottoke? Mr. Choi and WHO Entertainment CEO Yoo Hyun-jung (Park Jin-young) immediately denied it, but the media demanded for a proof. They want Crude Play to perform LIVE. Uh-oh.


Yes I know that in my last K-Drama Reaction, I wished for the band to finally be able to play their music live, but definitely not this way. What I want for them is to become true musicians and enjoy each and every performance that they do, not for them to play live only to cover up a lie with another lie.


The issue sent Han-gyeol on a guilt trip. He blamed himself for allowing Mr. Choi to use proxy players for Crude Play and regretted looking down on his friends’ talents. Hush, Han-gyeol, please don’t cry because it breaks my heart. Thank goodness, So-rim was there to comfort him.

The Crude Play boys underwent rigid training to prepare for their live performance and I can’t imagine the pressure they’re going through. But among them, I can tell that Ji In-ho (Jang Ki-yong) is the most affected one, and I don’t have a good feeling about the way he’s responding to the issues faced by their band. He smiles in front of his bandmates, but he’s restless when he’s alone. So when Han-gyeol gave us that shocked face when he received a call from Yoo Si-hyun (Kim Sung-joo), I already knew something bad happened to In-ho. What a way to end the episode, PD-nim!

giphy (1)

I sincerely hope everything will be settled in the next episode so that the last two ones will be solely dedicated to our love birds. I feel like there’s no enough moments for them recently, and it makes me really frustrated. Do you agree?

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