K-Drama Reaction: Chicago Typewriter | Episode 7

Finally! More details about our trio’s past selves in this episode! As it turned out, Seo Hwi-young (Yoo Ah-in) used to study medicine at the Keijo Imperial University, but eventually left school to become a writer. His family consisted most of doctors and ran a pharmacy for generations, which aided him to assist wounded independent fighters. Yoo Jin-oh (Go Kyung-pyo) came from a well-off backgrounda and used to run the Carpe Diem bar. Both of them took Ryu Soo-hyun (Im Soo-jung) in, after her father died.


It seems like both Soo-hyun and Jeon Seol (also Im Soo-jung in the present life) wanted to finish Hwi-young’s novel. We see our heroine in her past and present timeline wishing for Hwi-young’s novel to be completed. He may not have finished it in his lifetime, but Jin-oh is fulfilling that wish in the present through Hwi-young’s reincarnated soul in Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in).


I love the friendships surrounding this drama! I want to have Ma Bang-jin (Yang Jin-sung) as BFF too! Her care for Seol is admirable and funny at the same time. Their painful childhood memories of being bullied and left out blossomed into a beautiful friendship. So friends, let us try not to be too judgmental of other people, yes? You never know what they are going through!


Meanwhile, our boys won’t back down from the girls! Their bromance game is so strong on this episode. Jin-oh and Se-joo finally settled into an agreement to finish writing the novel under one condition. Jin-oh will help Se-joo recover from his slump, provided he will get rid of all of the men hanging around Seol. This is suiting up to be one hilarious ride. If this means Se-joo will take Seol away from the radar of that evil animal-abusing Baek Tae-min (Kwak Si-yang), I am all for it!


I am so creeped out whenever I see Tae-min from the screen. His overwhelming insecurity and envy piss me off so much. Good thing Se-joo is now determined not to let that evil jerk steal anything away from him again.

Se-joo’s satisfied grin after he swoops in Seol to release her from Tae-min’s grip. I wonder if Tae-min has something to do with the reincarnations, too. I can’t help but remember Jin-oh’s words from a previous episode about evil people being reincarnated as writers. Well, if that’s the case, I won’t be surprised since his greed is still present in the modern time.


And lastly, I want this show to give me more of Jin-oh, jebal! I love how he is an old soul who still considers Se-joo as his best friend Hwi-young. Times have changed, and so is Joseon, but their friendship still remains pure in his heart. Although part of me wants him to stop seeing Se-joo as Hwi-young, I cannot wait for Se-joo to soften his heart and see Jin-oh not just as a mere ghost, but as his loyal friend who stood the test of times.


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