K-Drama Reaction: My Secret Romance | Episode 7

Cha Jin-wook (Sung Hoon) truly knows the way to a woman’s heart.


If you’ve been reading my previous reactions for this series you probably know how much I love Jin-wook and Lee Yoo-mi’s (Song Ji-eun) chemistry. I felt I did a good deed last week that dramagenies rewarded me with some toe-curling moments in this episode. As Jin-wook and Yoo-mi keep denying their relationship, their actions speak differently. The ‘appetizer’ kiss was done in true K-drama fashion: without warning and overly romantic. But who cares? I like such things in K-dramas. Kudos to Yoo-mi for not dropping Jin-wook’s precious Chinas because that kiss is indeed knee-buckling.


Our two main leads didn’t have time to analyze what just had happened. Jin-wook’s father made a surprised visit. I actually questioned why Jin-wook agreed Yoo-mi should hide. He just told his aboeji earlier in the episode that a marriage should be born out of love. Er, writer-nim is still banking on the I-don’t-know-why-I-kiss-you trope. But if that is the major conflict writer-nim is planning to use then I’m expecting one good grand gesture at the end. That’ll probably win me over as a rom-com fan. Jung Hyun-tae and Joo Hye-ri also met in this episode. Hye-ri actually saw Dong-gu and reported it to Jin-wook, who just brushed her off quickly. I’m still trusting my theory that they will use Dong-gu’s character for some sort of misunderstanding for the couple. I also like how Hyun-tae rejected Hye-ri’s offer of guesting him on her show. Serves her right. But I think Hyun-tae would eventually agree because of Yoo-mi. The scene where he hugged Yoo-mi all of a sudden is a nice entree on what I hope is good and funny competition scenes with Jin-wook.


Since Jin-wook already ordered Yoo-mi to stop making his meals because of their 10-meals deal, this couple needs another reason to spend time together, right? So, Jin-wook asked Yoo-mi to accompany him on a business trip and act as the personal nutritionist for an important business client. I literally rolled my eyes with how trite this plot development is. At least, the characters themselves are questioning Jin-wook’s decision. I really love how Jin-wook’s secretary looks so skeptical when Jin-wook told him he was bringing Yoo-mi for business purposes only. I swear I could hear his mind shout a one sarcastic ‘okaaay, you said so’ line.


I actually like this episode, despite the remaining questions on my mind. I think going back to the place where they shared unforgettable memories is a good move. They need to have closure with what happened to them three years ago. They should stop tip-toeing on the fact that they felt something for each other since that night. Jin-wook and Yoo-mi need to come into terms with their feelings because that is when, I think, the conflicts set-up in this series would work. Also, can I have a scene with Jin-wook and his mother since he is in that area/province already? It would be good to know why he has a hard time sleeping alone. I know, these are too much wishes from me but I’m frustrated Sung Hoon’s potential isn’t being utilised enough. My Secret Romance has its merits but I believe it could still do much better.

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