K-Drama Reaction: Man to Man | Episode 5

Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae-jin) took a 180 degree turn from being a jerk to a romantic after learning that Cha Do-ha (Kim Min-jung) possesses the ring which is the key to finding the second wooden carving. And what could better jumpstart his plan to make her heart flutter than an unexpected kiss.

She likes him, she likes him not

This episode revolves mainly around Seol-woo’s ploy to gain Do-ha’s trust and find out where the ring is. The ring was given to her by her dad,  a known scammer, Cha Myung-suk (Kim Byung-se) with her being unware of its true significance.

Seol-woo started his plan with a morning call to Do-ha telling her to wear warm clothes because it’s cold outside. He also comforted her with a cup of coffee after she was scolded (and almost hit) by the movie director agitated by Woon-kwang’s disappearance during the filming. And if sweetness was not enough to make her fall for him, Seol-woo acted cutesy when it’s only the two of them together.


Confused, Do-ha tried to sort it out whether Seol-woo is indeed serious with his feelings for her when he’s being mean and nice at the same time, although it feels like its hers she’s trying to figure out. Sooner than expected, Do-ha confessed her feelings for him surprising him with a kiss.

Should we feel sorry for Do-ha? I guess not, because although she fell into Seol-woo’s trap, it looks like our agent has fallen for her too.


Also worth a praise is Yeo Woon-kwang (Park Sung-woong) acting like a big brother to both Do-ha and Seol-woo. He’s so sharp that he easily noticed that something is going on between the two. I admire him for meeting Seol-woo separately to warn him not to hurt Do-ha. I initially thought he’ll be in protest, but it seems like our big guy enjoys being a matchmaker.

The twist

Now my question has been answered why it’s Seo Ki-chul (Tae In-ho) who carried out the sabotage to Woon-kwang’s car scene during the filming when he’s right-hand man of Baek In-soo (Cheon Ho-jin). It turned out that he betrayed the mayoral candidate to work for Mo Seung-jae (Yeon Jeong-hoon). Woah, Seung-jae is indeed cunning.

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