Shin Sung-rok, Kang Ye-won up for MBC drama Man Who Dies to Live

MBC seems to be on the right track on its casting offers for its 24-episode serial, Man Who Dies to Live. Versatile actors Shin Sung-rok (On the Way to the Airport) and Kang Ye-won (Baek-hee Has Returned) have been offered to play a married couple in the said mini series.

As reported earlier, Choi Min-soo (The Liar and His Lover) is already considering the lead role for the eccentric drama, which is about an ordinary father who returns home after becoming a noble count from the kingdom of Bodantia. Kang Ye-won is considering to play Choi Min-soo’s daughter, who is surprised when her father suddenly reappeared in Korea. Her childish husband will possibly be played by Shin Sung-rok. With its eccentric plot, Man Who Dies to Live surely needs to be backed up by veteran actors whose works can be trusted.

Man Who Dies to Live is set to air this July in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot currently occupied by Ruler—Master of the Mask.

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