K-Drama Reaction: Ruler: Master of the Mask | Episodes 3-4

Before we start, let’s take a minute to appreciate my Kim So-hyun’s beauty.


Yoo Seung-ho’s oppaness, yes it’s a word!


And L’s overflowing cuteness.

Episodes 3 and 4 caught me off guard. A lot of things happened and the story unfolds in a swift. With these big development and discoveries so early in the drama, I can’t help but wonder what kind of revelations will be exposed in the coming episodes. I think viewer expectations will grow bigger and I’m curious whether the K-Drama genies will keep this pace or slow down a bit.

Ruler: Master of the Mask ruined my predictions on how the story will progress and surprised us with a bang right from the start. But before sharing how the K-Drama gods shamed me and proved my expectations wrong, let’s first meet the new characters who were introduced in episodes 3-4.

Master Woo Bo (Park Chul-min)

– The Sungkyunkwan assistant master and medical expert that the Crown Prince is looking for.

Deputy Magistrate Han (Jeon No-min)

– The just and gentle assistant magistrate of the Capital District Office, and Ga-eun’s loving father.

Lee Chung-woon (Shin Hyun-soo)

– OPPA ALERT!!! He’s the son of the military commandant and the Crown Prince’s protector and friend.

My heart went pit-a-pat after seeing him. He gives me a Jisoo and Highlight’s Doo Joon kind of aura, the tsundere type who’s rough on the outside but is always there to protect you.

Here he is in real life!


Story: K-Drama Genies: Tipsy, you can’t seat with us!


Let’s have a rundown of the reasons why the K-Drama genies won’t allow me to sit with them during lunch.

1) I thought Master Dae-mok will find out that Hwa-gun saw the Crown Prince’s face later in the drama. At the earliest, I thought it will be discovered around episodes 13-14, but I was wrong! Hwa-gun was caught by her cunning grandfather so early in the game, boo! You failed me Hwa-gun, to think that I actually liked you in episodes 1-2 and even thought of rooting for you when you first met the prince.


2) The male leads develop feelings for the pretty agassi after a few episodes right? Wrong! The Crown Prince made sure that Ga-eun is aware of his intentions as early as now and even asked her if she’s already betrothed. Crown Prince Lee Sun surely got moves like Jagger.


3) I predicted that the Crown Prince will reveal his identity to another lead character in episodes 7-8. Again, Tipsy’s wrong. The Crown Prince already exposed who he really is to Commoner Lee Sun in this episode.


4) Remember in Hwarang when Lord Hwi-hwe revealed to Ji-dwi that he knows his real identity, it was in the latter part of the show, right? I thought it’ll be the same here. Ruler: Master of the Mask proved me wrong once again and embarassed my K-Drama drunkard ass when Master Woo Bo told the prince in this episode to put back his mask.

5) The foolish me thought that the Pyunsoo-hwe will find out that the boy the King is hiding is an impostor in later episodes. Pabo!


6) I didn’t see this coming. I’m expecting that the Crown Prince will use his power to do justice, be praised by the people and be seen by the pretty agassi in good light later on. Wrong again, he already played the knight in shining mask role in episodes 3-4 when he saved Commoner Lee Sun’s father from the Bureau of Water Supply during a trial.


Ahjumma Pointers

Mark on Crown Prince’s neck – I am now certain that the mark on the prince’s neck will play a big part as the story progresses. Hwa-gun identifies the Crown Prince using the said mark that she made.

Crown Prince’s jade – Episode 4 ended with armed Pyunsoo-hwe members surrounding Chun-woo, the Crown Prince and Commoner Lee Sun. The interesting part here is that the jade jewelry, which serves as the Crown Prince’s symbol, is in the hands of Commoner Lee Sun. Let’s see how this instance will affect future episodes.

Deputy Magistrate Han’s appointment – Crown Prince Lee Sun appointed Deputy Magistrate Han to lead the probe into the Bureau of Water Supply. I believe this will create a conflict between the prince and Ga-eun in upcoming episodes.

Tipsy Playing K-Drama Genie

Yoo Seung-ho – I’m not sure if I’m just not used to Yoo Seung-ho playing this type of character, but there are several scenes from episodes 1 to 4 where his acting feels a bit buttery. Maybe I’m just used to him playing characters like Harry Borrison in I Miss You and Seo Jin-woo in Remember.


Infinite’s L – With the current way L portrays his character, I don’t think Infinite will have a comeback anytime soon. I can’t count how many times he shouted in the recent episodes. Also, I can’t feel the emotions in his eyes, especially during the scene where he saw his father’s hanging body. His eyes felt a bit dead. But I won’t judge oppa, it’s still early and maybe he’s still figuring out how to present his character. Hwaiting!


Kim Young-woong – I hate to say this but I feel that he committed the worst sin in K-Dramaverse, over acting. I know that his character is supposed to be annoying and all but he’s just too much. Everytime he’s on the screen I felt like he is an actor playing a role and not the character himself.


Jung Hae-kyun – He’s the acting winner of episodes 3-4. You will see and feel the sincerity in every line that he delivers. Especially during the trial scene and when L was giving him a piggyback.

Tipsy Findings

This could be the best pick-up line in all of Joseon history! I smiled like a pabo during this scene hahaha!


Drunkard Masters


Why do all the masters that our handsome leads are looking for are like no-good drunkards?

Handsome Friend cum Bodyguard


It’s not that I’m complaining, but why do Crown Princes’ protectors are so freakin hot?

Expectation vs Reality


Expectation ruins everything. You should know that by now Hwa-gun.

Words of Wisdom


Things escalated really fast in episodes 3-4, so, join me again next time to find out whether the Pyunsoo-hwe will finally unmask the faceless Crown Prince.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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