K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 3-4

Ottoke!? Our Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) became a murder suspect overnight (like, literally)!

This episode gave us a few details about what happened moments before Bong-hee discovered the lifeless body of her ex-boyfriend Jang Hee-joon (Chansung) at her apartment. We saw Bong-hee opening her window to get some air after feeling hot over the sudden flash of memories of the night she and Noh Ji-wook (Wookie) spent together. She remembered how she shamelessly seduced Ji-wook, but couldn’t really tell if they slept together. Like, for real Bong-hee? I think, even if you can’t remember all the details, you should know it. It’s your body. But of course, I could be wrong coz I’m not an expert at it, lol.

There we saw a suspicious man on the roof across Bong-hee’s apartment dragging and dropping something bulky in the water reservoir. Bong-hee didn’t see the man because of her poor eyesight, but we’re sure that the man definitely saw Bong-hee looking at his direction. Creepy.


Hee-joon came at Bong-hee’s apartment when she was out to buy beer, but right after he entered the place, somebody from his behind grabbed the door, and the last thing we saw is Hee-joon’s shocked face. Bong-hee then returned only to discover Hee-joon’s lifeless body on the floor.


Bong-hee was then brought to the police station for interrogation where an emotional Na Ji-hae (Kim Ye-won) arrived, hysterically asking Bong-hee why she killed Hee-joon. She also mentioned about Bong-hee’s past threats to Hee-joon that she’d kill him, making the investigators more suspicious of her.

Helpless Bong-hee then called Ji-wook to tell him about her situation that sent him rushing to the police station where he furiously asked Bong-hee how the hell she ended up in jail. Bong-hee told Ji-wook she didn’t do anything wrong and that he’s the only person she believes can help her prove her innocence.


The realization that Hee-joon is dead finally hits Bong-hee while she was taking a shower to wash his blood off her. My heart ached as she sobbed and said in narration that she never wished something bad to happen to Hee-joon despite him cheating on her. But my teary eyes turned to laughs when she lamented why on Earth Hee-joon had to die in her apartment. I was like… seriously, girl? Haha.


Just when we thought the situation can’t get any worse, Ji-wook got summoned by District Attorney Jang Moo-young, who happened to be Hee-joon’s father, to tell him he’s been assigned to handle his son’s murder case. DA Jang also threatened to fire Ji-wook if he would fail to convict Bong-hee for murder. Omo.

Ji-wook called Ji Eun-hyuk (Choi Tae-joon) to ask him a favor to be Bong-hee’s lawyer, which for me proves that Ji-wook cares a lot about Bong-hee because imagine, he managed to swallow his pride to ask a favor from the person he totally dislikes. I’m just curious as to why Ji-wook hates Eun-hyuk so much when the latter seems to be a happy, kind soul. Please don’t let him be the guy Ji-wook’s ex-girlfriend Cha Yoo-jung (Kwon Na-ra) had slept with. Eun-hyuk’s character is starting to grow in me so making him a bad guy will totally be disappointing.

The situation became even harder for Ji-hook when he discovered a strong piece of evidence that would definitely clear Bong-hee’s name in the murder case. Two murder weapons were discovered—one was found at Bong-hee’s apartment and the other at a grassy area seven kilometers away from the murder scene. Both knives are confirmed to have Hee-joon’s blood per forensic reports. Meaning, Bong-hee couldn’t be the murderer because it’s very impossible for her to travel the seven-kilometer distance to drop one of the knives there then return to her apartment that fast.


The struggle is real for Ji-wook and it’s understandable. He treasures his career as a prosecutor so much because he promised to his late dad, who was also a prosecutor and a crime victim, to continue his legacy of catching as many criminals as he can, but he can’t also ignore his conscience demanding him to help Bong-hee prove her innocence. He ultimately chose the latter, which also meant losing his job. But don’t you worry, Ji-wook. I’m sure your father is so proud of you because you did the right thing.


The episode ended up with Ji-wook telling Bong-hee that they shouldn’t let their paths cross ever again as he considers meeting her an ill-fated encounter. Ouch.

Suspicious Partner’s story build-up is becoming more and more interesting and I can’t wait to see more of its developments in the coming weeks.

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