K-Drama Reaction: My Secret Romance | Episode 8


This episode delivers what I expected this rom-com series would be: sweet and fairy-tale-ish.

Cha Jin-wook (Sung Hoon) and Lee Yoo-mi (Song Ji-eun) went back to the place where it all started. And I like it! All the references made from their encounter three years ago made it clear that they have already crossed the line in their relationship a long time ago. They just need to decide whether they will take it to the next level or not. I really like how honest Jin-wook is about his feelings. He didn’t hesitate telling Yoo-mi he couldn’t forget the night they shared together. It made me realize that somehow Jin-wook is now more in-tune with his feelings. But Yoo-mi still stayed coy about her emotions.

Meanwhile, Joo Hye-ri dropped by at Jung Hyun-tae’s place for a drink. There must be something about Hyun-tae that women confide their innermost thoughts to him easily. This is actually the first time I didn’t feel annoyed or irritated with Hye-ri. I never thought I would sympathize with her. It shows how similar these two second leads are. I now low-key ship these two (LOL) or at least hope they would have good closure by the end of the series.

It took a pseudo-accident for Yoo-mi to say what she really feels. Jin-wook pretended to drown and made Yoo-mi believe he was unconscious. Out of panic, she admitted that she doesn’t really regret what happened to them. I felt relieved that we are finally moving forward with their relationship. And this time, when they kissed, their feelings for each other were much clearer. No more business deals. No more 10-meals arrangement.

As Jin-wook and Yoo-mi started to get real, Yoo-mi’s white lie about Dong-gu seems to be the conflict writer-nim will use to test these two characters’ relationship. Yoo-mi is still embarassed about her family situation and hide Dong-gu from Jin-wook. I was actually confused on her relationship with the boy. They’re just siblings right? Or did I get that part wrong?


Anyway, I was disappointed with how little interaction drunk Jin-wook had with drunk Hyun-tae. But at least there’s one scene where Jin-wook refused to go home, telling Yoo-mi he doesn’t want to be alone. Such vulnerability always tugs my heart. So please writer-nim can we have a deeper look at Jin-wook’s childhood?

With all the squeal-worthy scenes this episode have, I think I already filled my needed romance-quota for the week. The conflicts set earlier in the series are now being utilized. And as the episode ends with a cliffhanger, I’m cautiously hoping for a good follow-up episode.


p.s.: Jin-wook looks so adorable playing with Dong-gu.

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