K-Drama Reaction: My Secret Romance | Episode 9

It feels like they’re a couple but not. It feels like they’re together but not. ‘Some’ relationships are really complicated but our couple proved they are brave enough to take the risk.



Cha Jin-wook (Sung Hoon) confronted Lee Yoo-mi (Song Ji-eun) on what really happened to her three years ago. It seems that Jin-wook’s confusion stems from his father’s warning about Yoo-mi and her alleged illegitimate child. I can write a whole essay on why Chairman Cha’s conventional views are somehow problematic in real life but since this is dramaverse I’ll tone down my stances. So anyway, I actually like how honest Jin-wook and Yoo-mi are during this scene. Given that their characters’ backgrounds were already established in recent episodes, their inner conflicts and hesitations totally made sense. I also like how Jin-wook’s candor coaxed Yoo-mi to admit her insecurities to Jin-wook. It’s a good step forward for their relationship. Joo Hye-ri also happened to eavesdrop on their conversation but was eventually stopped by Jung Hyun-tae. The second leads in dramaland either end up as a martyr or a villain. Their similarities as the unnoticed lover were shown in the last episode but I think this is the turning point for the two of them. One would choose to fight for the place she thinks she deserved while the other would be content with his place behind the one he loves. Hye-ri and Hyun-tae’s character trajectory came in no surprise. It was clear Hye-ri was introduced as the story’s antagonist but I’m still hoping Hyun-tae will at least confess his feelings to Yoo-mi.

That Star Wars reference got me!

Speaking of character arcs, Jin-wook’s childhood was finally shown. It’s not what I expected but it’s enough for me to understand where Jin-wook’s actions are coming from. It’s refreshing to see that despite his lonely childhood and his hesitations, Jin-wook is still willing to take care of another person (or a cat and kittens haha). I wasn’t expecting that Jin-wook will be the first one to jump in and take the risk. I wonder if he will be able to stood his ground when his relationship with Yoo-mi is tested.


Just like any other series with chaebols involved, Chairman Cha warned Yoo-mi on getting close to his son. I like how they made fun of the cliche scene. It was more fun to watch that way.

Why do K-drama male leads know exactly what to say at the right moment?? Waeyo?


My love for Jin-wook grew a thousand times when he gave this pep talk to Yoo-mi. As I’ve said earlier, I was a bit surprised Jin-wook was the one taking steps forward and helping Yoo-mi overcome her inhibitions. I can still sense a bit of hesitation with Yoo-mi since she kept saying she might soon have to wake-up to such a dreamy feeling but I’m happy to see that both of them are now willing to just follow what they feel for now.


I think writer-nim is letting these characters be happy at the moment and let them crash and get hurt next. The path the story is taking is nothing new but I still would like to see their journey until the end.

Also worth mentioning, the musical scoring improved immensely from that 90s sitcom background sounds to instrumentals of their OSTs, which I really recommend to give a listen. My personal favorite is Love Song by Sech Kies’ Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Hyun, and Kim Eun Bi.

This cutie-patootie is taking my eyes off Sung Hoon.

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