K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 5-6

This drama is keeping up its fast-paced storytelling and I’m loving it.

Noh Ji-wook’s (Wookie) kindness and empathy for Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) won her over but just when our heroine is all decided to confess, Ji-wook told her that they shouldn’t see each other ever again. Ouch.


I like how the drama presents story developments involving the culprit in a light manner like when Bong-hee tried to sample to Ji-wook the whistling she heard from Jang Hee-Joon’s (Chansung) killer. It was so funny, but if you come to think of it, the scene actually signals the start of the leads’ cat-and-mouse game against the murderer. Though Bong-hee declared she wouldn’t ask for Ji-wook’s help because she doesn’t want to harm him in any way anymore.


Atty. Jang Moo-young dropped by Bong-hee’s apartment to see the place where his son was killed. He confronted Bong-hee for being alive and well despite what happened to his son. Bong-hee apologized repeatedly for Hee-joon’s tragic death, but Atty. Jang rejected it and vowed to make Bong-hee regret her freedom. A part of me wants to justify Atty. Jang’s behavior because behind his tough exterior, I could see a father grieving over his son’s death.


Ji-wook ended up becoming a lawyer after he resigned from his position as district prosecutor, and it’s very obvious that he doesn’t like it. Ji Eun-hyuk (Choi Tae-joon) enthusiastically welcomed him on his first day at work, but Ji-wook told him not to get delusional just because he’s acting as if nothing happened. What is it that made Ji-wook hate Eun-hyuk that much? What is it? What is it?! Argh, I’m dying of curiosity!


I super love the visual effects used to indicate that two years have passed by with the ghosts of Hee-joon’s murder still clinging onto ​Bong-hee like a gum. She became an outcast at school. She also had a hard time looking for decent clients. However, the greatest sacrifice she had to endure is being near yet so far from Ji-wook. I know how it feels, and I’m telling you, it sucks.


Until fate enacted its plan—a stalking case unexpectedly reunited Ji-wook and Bong-hee as they both acted as counsels for the opposite sides. They managed to reach an amicable settlement, but the stalker’s obsession messed up the whole situation. Thank goodness for Bong-hee’s sharp observation skills, they were able to stop a worse scenario to happen.


I notice the numerous times Ji-wook denied his concern for Bong-hee like when he told himself he’s just curious and not worried about her encounter​ with the culprit, and when he lectured Bong-hee about going alone to the site where the killer threw away the murder weapon he used in killing Hee-joon. But no matter how much Ji-wook denies it, his actions still show otherwise.


I’m especially touched when Ji-wook hesitantly let Bong-hee get off the car to check on the victim at her apartment, and instructed her not to get involve whatever happens. Now tell us you aren’t worried of Bong-hee, Ji-wook.

Bong-hee found the stalker at the victim’s house acting violently, and when he turned on her with a baseball bat on his hand, Ji-wook arrived just in time to knock him down. That was so cool, babe. I suddenly miss Wookie doing action stunts. And I think I’m not the only one mesmerized by Ji-wook’s coolness. Right, Bong-hee?


The incident served as a wake-up call for Bong-hee who gave herself a “restraining order” out of fear she might get obsessed with Ji-wook just like what happened to her client. She clarified to Ji-wook that she does not like him. It almost sounded convincing, it’s just that she wasn’t looking at him in the eye while saying it.

The ending scene where Bong-hee received a pair of new shoes from Hee-joon’s killer sent chills down my spine. Please be safe, Bong-hee!

I think there’ll be no sleeping tonight as we anxiously wait for the next episode!

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