K-Drama Reaction: Chicago Typewriter | Episode 9

After weeks of zoning out from the weekly write-ups, your resident GF is back! I am sorry it took me so long to compose this episode’s reaction, but I promise I would stick around more this time. Also, I’ll try not to recap so much starting from now, and only share about my personal say in every episode aired (because we are writing an episode reaction, duh).

Anyway, enough of the apologies because our lovely drama Chicago Typewriter is back with a bang! I loved this episode so much I consider it as a gem. Seeing the trio unconsciously solving the puzzles of the past for me is such a glorious thing to watch. We finally had a glimpse of our star writer Han Se-joo’s (Yoo Ah-in) point of view in his past life as Seo Hwi-young. He reminds me so much of Filipino hero Jose Rizal. His facade as a struggling writer is a good tactic to protect his identity as the leader of the youth organization of independence fighters, while using his newspaper articles as a secret message decoded by the activist group for their operations.

Let us also take note the contrast between Se-joo and Hwi-young with regards to their interactions with Jeon Seol/Soo-hyun (Im Soo-jung) in their respective timelines. Hwi-young was ready to unleash Soo-hyun in the wild as an independence fighter, while Se-joo does everything in his power to protect Seol from remembering her traumatic past life.


I also like to commend  Hwi-young for not fighting back his feelings and give Soo-hyun that kiss. Man, that was one hell of a hot smooch right there! Don’t forget that it was on the street while being chased by Japanese government officials. I loved the thrill of it, and most especially the honesty poured into this intimate moment.


Se-joo’s development in this series is something I also would like to mention. He is still that prickly writer who beats deadlines, but his declaration of not leaving people behind is so heartwarming not only because of his care for Seol, but also his relationship with his publisher Gal Ji-seok (Jo Woo-jin). They may be an unlikely tandem in public, but their mutual respect runs deep in the bones.


As much as I love seeing Kwang Si-yang, I would not want to delve much into Baek Tae-min’s life anymore. His subplot bores me so much I struggle every time he is on screen. I am always tempted to press that fast forward button. LOL. He is a jerk who does not own up to his mistake and an evil fraud who steals another person’s novel for his own good.


Now, we move on to my most favorite part of the episode – Yoo Jin-oh! I already love Go Kyung-pyo oppa as an actor before, but this drama makes me love him even more. From the way he gets amazed while watching the boy band survival show Produce 101 Season 2 up to his ugly cry during a scene of Tomorrow With You, I am really itching to pinch that cheeks for so much cuteness!

I was so touched after he told Se-joo about eating with someone for the first time in 80 years. I can feel the sadness that he had kept in his heart over the years. I am happy that he has now found his home in Se-joo’s house.


I agree that he liked Soo-hyun first during their time, but it’s still painful to watch him at the sidelines of the developing attraction between Se-joo and Seol in the present. He may have liked the girl first, but she does not see him as a regular person anymore. His invincible presence is as obvious as his deep rooted love for Soo-hyun/Seol.

But what got me tearing up in this episode was the Seoul city tour with our present trio. Seol had no idea what was the real reason behind the city tour, she thought it’s a date with Se-joo. Oh, that little fan girl heart! Se-joo took Jin-oh to the site of the Japanese General Government Building, which housed the colonial government office during the Japanese Occupation. It is now demolished as Jin-oh witnessed in the present time.


Jin-oh and Se-joo’s conversation about the struggles of the youth during the 1930s to fight for liberation is a moving piece which I hope the youth of today gets to realize. Not everyone is conscious of the fact that we enjoy the freedom we have today because of the people in the past who bravely fought for independence. Freedom of speech and human rights are universal. We must value the sacrifices given by those who pressed for liberation by taking responsibility in every action that we make.


Did you also enjoy this episode as much as I did? I want to hear your reactions, too!

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