K-Drama Reaction: Man to Man | Episode 6

First of all, I want to apologize if I missed mentioning a very significant detail in my last K-Drama Reaction which was the meeting between the two men in Cha Do-ha (Kim Min-jung)’s life: our agent Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae-jin) and her father, Cha Myung-suk (Kim Byung-se) because these two characters played a lot of importance in this episode. Unguarded, Seol-woo officially introduced himself as Do-ha’s boyfriend after Dad hugged him and quickly assumed that he’s indeed the special man in his daughter’s life.

The Ring 

Nope, I’m not talking about that infamous horror movie, but the ring in Do-ha’s possession. The ring that is a must-find for both Seol-woo and Myung-suk for two different reasons: it’s the key to the wooden carving and it means a great sum of money.

Myung-suk was very direct when it comes to asking Do-ha the whereabouts of the ring but she remained tight-lipped no matter how much he insisted. He searched it himself in Do-ha’s belongings but really couldn’t find it. He was looking for it relatively patiently until he had decided to buy Do-ha a condo in Gangnam to save his face if ever his daughter decided to marry Seol-woo. So he went to Mo Seung-jae (Yeon Jeong-hoon) to make a bargain for the coveted ring. Seung-jae promised to give him billions in exchange for the ring but also vowed to take back the luxury watch he gave him along with his wrist if he gave it to someone else. Scary.

While Myung-suk appeared to be in a hurry to finding the ring, Seol-woo was patiently waiting for Do-ha to open up about its location. However, we soon found out that Seo Ki-chul (Tae In-ho)’s men ransacked our girls’ place to find it.


Seol-woo then decided to join them in the house until he’s certain the ring they are safe. His decision gave us the chance to see some lovey-dovey moments between himself and Do-ha like when they were staring at each other while lying on the floor and when they fell asleep together on the couch. It was great to see the growing attraction between the two during this episode but I was also sad for Do-ha because despite it’s pretty certain our agent has feelings for her, the truth remains that it’s still a ploy.

Following an emotional argument between Do-ha and her Dad who appeared to be all about the money (get a life Dad!), she finally revealed to Seol-woo where the ring is during a heartfelt conversation. She said that she had kept it near her grandfather’s urn hoping that when her Dad finally changed, he would go to him and find it. Moments later, Seol-woo sneaked in the columbarium and took the ring.

The morning after, we saw Seol-woo and Do-ha’s Dad at a restaurant where Dad was bragging about the expensive watch Seung-jae gave him. Learning about that it came from Songsan, Seol-woo snatched the watch and hovered his cellphone over it and found out it was bugged. He quickly dropped it in the water to Dad’s shock.


Meanwhile, in a different location, we saw Ki-chul finally discovering that Seol-woo is indeed the ghost agent intervening with their mission.

In his car, Seol-woo called Do-ha who’s in the columbarium to retrieve the ring. He calmly instructed to be mindful of the men around her, go the nearest restroom and hold on to the coin he gave her (so it’s a transmitter). He, then told her that in a few moments she will be abducted by those men. And truthfully so, a man covered Do-ha’s face and she quickly fainted.

Seol-woo called up Lee Dong-hyun (Jung Man-sik) and told him to turn the transmitter on. Dong-hyun told him to leave the matter to the police because it will ruin their mission but he refused and said it was his plan.


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