K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 7-8

Eun Bong-hee’s (Nam Ji-hyun) courage often worries me. Just like in the opening scene of this episode where she fearlessly chased Jang Hee-hoon’s (Chansung) killer who snuck into her office. My heart only felt at ease when Noh Ji-wook (Wookie) arrived. Gosh, girl! Did you even realize the danger you’re putting yourself into?

Ji-wook voiced out my concern by asking Bong-hee why she seemed happy and excited about the whole incident. Bong-hee asked him if he’s worrying about her to which he answered yes. Omo! But he’s also quick to add that he’d feel the same way towards a stranger. Heh, Ji-wook! Until when you’re gonna play that I’m-not-worried-about-you game?

Bong-hee told Ji-wook that he’s right. She’s happy that the culprit resurfaced two years after Hee-joon’s murder because she can finally clear her name. She said that she wants to do it not only for herself but also for her mother who’s greatly affected by it, and for him who lost his job because of her. Ji-wook was visibly moved and told Bong-hee that they must catch the killer… together. Yay!


Bong-hee ended up staying at Ji-wook’s home after what happened. She told Ji-wook that he should take responsibility for the things that could happen while she’s at his house especially that he’s the one who “begged” her to stay there. Ji-wook protested and asked Bong-hee when did he beg her. Haha, it’s always fun to watch the bickering of these two. Another LOL moment is when Bong-hee blurted out over dinner if the two of them had really slept together, catching Ji-wook off guard.

But why can’t Ji-wook just give Bong-hee a straight answer? It’s just a yes-or-no question anyway. If I were Bong-hee, I would also feel frustrated over not knowing whether something had happened between me and a guy.



So when Bong-hee got the chance to get even with Ji-wook, she grabbed it right away. One morning after drinking with colleagues, Ji-wook woke up undressed under the sheets. All that he remembers is Bong-hee helping him reach his room, and him falling on top of her on bed. Omo, seems like déjà vu! Ji-wook asked Bong-hee if they did “it,” but Bong-hee, being the sassy girl that she is, didn’t give him a straight answer. Hahaha. Silly girl! But wait, they didn’t do it, did they?


I didn’t expect that we would see the killer’s face this early in the show. He looks like a psychopath, and he creeps the hell out of me.

In this episode, we also proved Ji-wook’s growing affection for Bong-hee. His actions can’t deny it like when he went to Atty. Jang Moo-young to confront him why he had to have Bong-hee watched over. He told Atty. Jang that they should pay for what they did to Bong-hee if she’s proven innocent. But what’s intriguing is Atty. Jang telling Ji-wook that he’s making a huge mistake just like his father. Hmmm, what exactly did he mean by that? Then in a flashback, Ji-wook’s father is seen reaching to his young son inside what seems to be a burning house before a shadowy man appeared.

Another proof of Ji-wook’s blossoming feelings for Bong-hee is when he told Section Chief Bang about his urge to protect our heroine. I agree with Section Chief Bang that Ji-wook didn’t look annoyed about it at all, but rather happy and excited.

The way Ji-wook took care of Bong-hee when she sprained her ankle because of him, and how he intercepted when Bong-hee was being scouted as a “visitation lawyer” by some disgusting colleagues also say a lot about his feelings for her.

But I’m sure that the road to a happy ending for Bong-hee and Ji-wook will never be easy especially now that Ji-wook’s ex-girlfriend Cha Yoo-jung (Kwon Na-ra) has returned and is determined more than ever to win him back.

The first meeting between Bong-hee and Yoo-jung where they knocked thugs down together was so cool, and unfolding how their connection with Ji-wook will affect their newfound friendship gets me very curious.

Let’s see how the reveal of the murderer’s face and the introduction of a new major character will add up excitement to the drama. Tune in next week!

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