K-Lookbook: Lee Dong-wook (Goblin)


A fortnight ago we took a peak at Gong Yoo’s wardrobe but this K-Lookbook Goblin special wouldn’t be complete without the other half of the bromance we all love – the Grim Reaper.

Lee Dong-wook revived my love for him in this fantasy drama and remind me why my young self have gone gaga over him on his first hit series, My Girl. He could be charming and comic when needed but he made thousands of fans cry on his portrayal of a sinner Goryeo king.


His character may be amnesiac but he surely didn’t forget how to dress in style. This Grim Reaper has a panoply of classic men’s clothing that could rival that of the Goblin’s. So, let’s break down Lee Dong-wook’s outfits in The Lonely Shining Goblin. Kaja!


Lee Dong-wook looks more like a dashing debonair than a Grim Reaper in this chic ensemble. His well tailored suit and James Bay-ish wide brim hat combo has surely sent fangirl’s souls to bliss haven.


Even though Lee Dong-wook’s wardrobe is black dominated (blame it on his job as a Grim Reaper!), he still jazzes it up from time to time with a selection of solid-colored suits. This former King looks regal yet frisky.


Lee Dong-wook goes from experimental to safe by choosing plaids to compliment some of his outfits. Plaids are actually low risk option that can be paired with almost anything, from suits to a casual pair of jeans.


This Grim Reaper looks like he stepped out of a magazine when he wore this voguish overcoats. And yep, Lee Dong-wook and Gong YOo could pass up as catwalk models in that now iconic scene (left-below photo).


If Lee Dong-wook looks like high-fash model when wearing long coats, he definitely looks like your next door oppa during scenes at his shared house with Goblin. He wore a variety of jumpers and hoodies that makes want to hug him or dance TT with him.


Fun fact: Did you know that Lee Dong-wook’s coat with this we-just went-to-the-market look is actually made by South Korean designer Juun J?

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