K-Drama Reactions: My Secret Romance | Episode 10


Our beloved OTP is being tested by fate. Will they survive it?


Last episode, Lee Yoo-mi (Song Ji-eun) finally decided to take a chance with Cha Jin-wook (Sung Hoon). And right off the bat, her feelings was put into test. She encountered drunk Joo Hye-ri on the street. Hye-ri immediately went on and slut shame Yoo-mi for sleeping with Jin-wook. If this happened earlier in the series I would have threatened to pull off all of Hye-ri’s hair. BUT it was already revealed that Hye-ri has been liking Jin-wook for a long time. I sort of understand where this grudge is coming from even though that doesn’t really excuse the way she put down Yoo-mi just because she had consensual sex with Jin-wook. There she is, waiting for Jin-wook to finally notice her feelings for years, then a girl suddenly showed up and ruined everything for her. One could be desperate,  I guess. I also like how this scene foreshadowed everything that happened in this episode. It kind of gave away the conflict writer-nim has set-up.


Seeing Chairman Cha and Jo Mi-hee argue about Dong-goo made me suddenly wish they were really his grandparents. But nah, we knew all along it was a misunderstanding. I sort of expected a tension-filled revelation but the scene was moderate at most. I actually laughed hard when Mi-hee got worked up with Chairman Cha’s disbelief that she was really Dong-goo’s mother. So yep, there was no Star Wars “I’m your father” scene here but there was a hilarious “I’m his mother” replacement.


I thought it would be Jin-wook but it was Yoo-mi who went through a roller coaster ride of emotion in this episode. She finally let go of her inhibitions and decided to take a risk with Jin-wook but she was dragged back down by their circumstances. Yoo-mi now questions if she’s the only one in love. Add the fact that her past insecurities are creeping back, I can’t blame her if she’s now thinking twice about whether this kind of relationship is worth the trouble.


I am now concluding that our pup-looking second lead should have been a love guru rather than a travel writer. He seems to know the right words to say to girls who needed love advice. I concede that his vacation-dating comparison is a bit cheesy but he is right anyway. Plus, he kind of push the Hyuntae-Hyeri ship into sailing by saying it’s time for Hyeri to start looking for love and leave her childish crush behind. Araso, I know. This is a bit reach on my part but I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for anything secondary in dramaland.


With the rumor going out of hand, it was not at all surprising that Yoo-mi succumbed to pressure being put on their young relationship. It was obviously a hard choice for her too. But I agree that her character needs space to think about things. If being away from Jin-wook will make her feelings stronger then I’m on-board with this hurdle.


Now that both Yoo-mi and Jin-wook’s relationship is out in the open, facing such trial is somewhat expected. No matter how predictable the whole series is, it was clear the writer really knew where she wants the story to go. Writer-nim placed the conflict’s seed earlier in the series and now she’s reaping them off at just the right moment. The whole series may have issues with its pacing but as far as the plot goes, it gives what romance fans are looking for – the highs and the lows of falling in love.

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