K-Drama Reaction: Suspicious Partner | Episodes 9-10

Can somebody please enlighten me? Why do cheating exes have to reappear in the lives of the people they hurt just when they’re already on the road to regaining their old selves?

Just like Cha Yoo-jung (Kwon Na-ra), what is it that she wants? A second chance from Noh Ji-wook (Wookie)? What a thick-faced girl!


What makes me even madder is the fact that the guy she had slept with isn’t just a random guy, but actually Ji Eun-hyuk (Choi Tae-joon), Ji-wook’s best friend whom he almost treated as a brother. Woah!

Now, it all makes sense why Ji-wook hates Eun-hyuk so much. I actually like the guy because he seems to be genuinely apologetic. But what he did is unforgivable even if he liked Yoo-jung first. Though a part of me says we’re just humans, we’re prone to making mistakes. Ahhh, PD-nim and writer-nim! Why are you doing this to me!? Wae!?

Going back to Yoo-jung. I felt like celebrating when Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) jumped in to pretend as Ji-wook’s girlfriend, especially when I saw how much Yoo-jung got affected by it. That’s actually nothing compared to the pain she caused to Ji-wook.

Biane if I’m angry with Yoo-jung and not so much with Eun-hyuk. I just can’t stand the girl’s guts to return and try to win Ji-wook back as if nothing unacceptable happened.

The only saving grace to all of this is that when Yoo-jung returned, Bong-hee is already in the picture, willing to listen to Ji-wook’s painful past with all her heart.


I like that our hero and heroine are getting closer and closer as they continue to live together as housemates. They seem to grow more comfortable with each other, and seeing them like that is a pleasure to shippers like me. Btw, Ji-wook is so sexy in the kitchen, and I think I could watch him do his thing there all day, all night. Hee-hee.

Okay, moving on to the killer who disguises himself as a forensic dude. I was so nervous when he offered Bong-hee a ride after their meeting about the results of the forensic tests he did at her office. I was holding my breath while watching that scene because just by looking at the killer’s face, I could tell he’s planning to do something to Bong-hee. Then suddenly, Ji-wook popped up from somewhere and I felt relieved. He asked Bong-hee why she met with the forensic dude alone when he clearly told her that they should catch the killer together without them knowing that the culprit is right in front of them!

Just when everything seems to be going fine, Bong-hee decided to move out of Ji-wook’s home out of worry that she might have been inconveniencing him too much. And we can see as clear as day how it made the both of them sad.


I so like CEO Byun (Lee Deok-hwa)! I’m touched by the way he supports Ji-wook like a true father to the point of him resigning from his position to join our hero in his venture to open his own law firm. I’ve watched him in Hotel King where he played the main antagonist and man, his acting there is the real deal.

Ji-wook went to see Bong-hee to ask if she would accept his offer to work for him. Bong-hee initially declined it, only to change her mind and grab it after seven minutes. Lol.

So, the squad is now almost complete with Ji-wook, Bong-hee, CEO Byun, and Section Chief Bang working together as a team. Jin-hyuk’s application is still pending for Ji-wook’s approval, though. And their first client? A man wrongly accused as suspect in another murder case perpetrated by Jang Hee-joon’s (Chansung) killer.

Don’t​ miss out, ahjummamshies! Make sure to watch episodes 11-12!

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