Sarang, Bogummy: Top 10 Favorite Park Bo-gum Moments

As we bid goodbye to our beloved oppa of the month, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce our favorite Park Bo-gum moments.

Find out about his sad past, silly moments, and heart-tugging K-Drama scenes. Saranghae Bogummy!

  • Reply 1988 Episode 2

Park Bo Gum Reply Ep 2

This tugged my emotional strings really bad especially after knowing that Park Bo-gum lost his mother at an early age. During the filming of Reply 1988, Sung Dong-il’s mother was sick and weeks after the show’s finale, his mother passed away. Maybe that’s why the scene is so heart-wrenching, the two actors’ pain was real.

unnamed (2)

  • Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 7

Park bogum kiss moonlight

Of course, we all love Crown Prince Lee Yeong and Hong Ra-on’s heart-fluttering kiss in the garden. The show’s rating also surged in this episode, thanks to Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung’s dreamy lip-locking moment.

unnamed (5)


  • Reply 1988 Episode 17

Pqek bogum kiss reply 1988

Who could forget Taek and Duk-seon’s first kiss? PDnim made it appear like the heart-thumping moment occurred in Taek’s dream.

unnamed (1)

  • Naeil’s Cantabile Episode 11

Park bogum cantabile ep 11

Park Bo-gum is truly an expert in pulling the viewers’ heartstrings. This is the episode where his character, Yoon-hoo, is bidding goodbye to a friend of 20 years, his ciello, due to an injury. And the performance is meant to be his funeral.

unnamed (9)

  • Youth Over Flowers February 12 Episode

Paek bogum youth over flowers

Prepare your tissues if you will watch this episode. During a heart-to-heart talk with Ryu Jun-yeol, Park Bo-gum tearfully revealed that their house lacks family pictures and he felt that memories of his late mother were not preserved. On the March 11 episode, Bogummy’s Reply 1988 audition was shown where he said that he lost his mother when he was in the fourth grade. 😢😢😢

  • Hello Monster Episode 12

Park bogum hello monster ep 12

I’ve said this a million times and I will repeat it again, Hello Monster is Park Bo-gum’s greatest drama, at least for me hehe. He can turn from a loving brother to a cold blooded murderer in a second. This episode is the big reveal where Hyun (Seo In-guk) finally found out that Lawyer Jung is his younger brother, Min, the psychopath killer they are looking for. But Min turned the cards to his brother, saying that he abandoned him and didn’t even recognize him.

unnamed (4)

  • Coinlocker Girl (2015)

Park bogum coinlocker girl

To cut the story short, even the Goblin’s bride is not safe from Bogummy’s charms haha. Kim Go Eun’s character, Il-young, was tasked by her adoptive mother, a loan shark, to kill Seok-hyun, played by Park Bo-gum, after the latter’s father run away from his debt. Things get into a tangle when Il-young fell for Seok-hyun. But who wouldn’t, right?

unnamed (7)

Here is the trailer of the movie, which also stars his fellow Reply 1988 alum Go Kyung-pyo.

  • Hello Monster Episode 16

Paek bogum hello monster ep 16

During the show’s finale, Park Bo-gum once again displayed his outstanding acting skills. Min, his character, was stabbed and this is his line for his brother whom he resented but continued to love for 20 years even after believing that he abandoned him.

You can also enjoy some bromance moments with Bogummy and Seo In-guk from this K-Drama hahaha.

in guk

bromance bogum inguk

  • Bombastic ala Park Bo-Gum Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Teaser

Park bogum bombastic

We all fell even harder for Bo-gum when he showed us his silliness.

unnamed (6)
  • Music Bank June 24, 2016 Episode

Park bogum irene music bank

Bogummy performed a duet of “45.7” with Red Velvet’s Irene. This lovely performance  served as their goodbye stage as hosts of the music show. I can still remember how jealous I was of Irene while watching Music Bank every week because of her chemistry with Bo-gum hehe.

Here is the video of their performance, enjoy!

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~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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2 thoughts on “Sarang, Bogummy: Top 10 Favorite Park Bo-gum Moments

  1. i agree with you. To date, Lee Min in Hello Monster is the character that leave the deepest impression on me among all the characters he has played. And i rewatched (umpteen times) that scene you posted up there when he accused lee hyun of not recognising him. One moment his eyes showed intense pain and hurt from the brother not recognising him, next moment, we can see the emotions in his eyes switched from hurt to anger when he accused the brother of abandoning him. Truly a brilliant performance by PBG

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